Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Good Thing

Lately I have been having the most bizarre dreams. I have always been a dreamer, most every morning I can remember at least part of the dream I had that night. Albeit the dreams are strange in their own right, in the dreams I have been smoking cigarettes. I always question myself in the dream as to why I am smoking. Note: I quit smoking on 9/11/05 after 32 years of smoking.

Smoking is something that I never ever intend to do again, therefore in my dreams I remind myself that I do not ever want to start again. Perhaps it is present in the dreams so I will continue to assure myself to never smoke again. Smoking is something that I rarely think about anymore.

Yet another thing to be grateful for, smoke free at 50 yrs old. Now if I can just get to eating right I might get somewhere!


Bill said...

If you stop smoking from a bong before you go to bed, you won't have weird dreams.

Scott W said...

Amen, Sister!