Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Men in my life

I have been inspired this morning. There is a very popular blog that I read daily called The Pioneer Woman. She gives away a lot of cool loot every week. Today she is giving away another of her favorite mixers. What she does is post a question and all you have to do to enter is just post something. Today, she asked "Who is your favorite man?" Oh my was I ever torn. But it did inspire me enough to write this post. I hope you enjoy it.

My dad was and still is my hero. He always, always made time for us kids. Even when he was busy tinkering with something (he loved to take things apart and put them back together) he could always stop what he was doing to listen to me. He was so patient also. He coached my brother Mike's little league baseball for years. When the concession stand at the ballpark was not able to be used (I can't remember what happened to it, So will tell us) he built a portable concession stand that he took back and forth to the ball fields. So and I worked in it and the original one for a couple of summers (I think...again, So will set me straight! His memory is better than mine). He built a treehouse for us kids. It was the coolest thing. It was not actually in a tree, it was supported by 6X6s. He built steps up and the way down was the coolest pole we slid down. There was a little wood thingy we would pull up which made it where we could slide down the pole. I will never forget the time our brother Mike slid down it and hurt his ankle or something. So and I laughed and laughed. Mike was a bit of a baby when we were small. The room of the treehouse was screened in and he even built the furniture that was in it. As a matter of fact, the last time I drove past our old house it was still there. Other children have been able to enjoy what my precious Daddy built over 40 years ago.

Dad also knew that I was born with an instant love for horses. He bartered with one of his employees at his dental office for my first pony LuckyPony. He was named Lucky because the folks who had him won him in a raffle and were keeping him in their garage. Oddly enough I actually sat next to the girl that had him a couple of years ago at a local horse auction. You can imagine my surprise to find that out!

When Dad passed away 10 1/2 years ago I was devastated. We had a tough year in 1999. My stepmother Linda, passed away in Feb 1999, my beloved Mother passed away May 3rd 1999 and Dad passed in August of that same year. Dad's was the hardest for me. Mother had ALS and had been bedridden for years. Linda had Aplastic Anemia of which there is no cure aside from a bone marrow transfer. I was fortunate enough to be with Dad in the emergency room that night and I am so grateful now for it taking so long to get his room ready. We were able to talk about everything under the sun. Things we had not talked about in years. I guess, somehow we knew it would be our last conversation.

Then there is my son Ryan. I love him so much. He has been through a lot in the last few years. Mostly of his own doing (actually ALL of his own doing) but hopefully he is on the right road now. That is up to him. He and I have been through a lot in his life. 2 divorces (the first from his father), being so poor I couldn't even afford one roll of toilet paper. But we got through it and were stronger because of it.

There is my brother Scott, but he is So to me. We have called each other that for many years. It started when we were kids and neither one of us can remember how we came up with it. There is no telling actually. So is my rock. He has been my rock my entire life. We played with trolls together, made clothes for them from felt, listened to our Dad's collection of Disney albums and read the scripts from the album cover inserts. I swear I think I could probably still recite Pollyanna in a heartbeat. I know he can. So helped me in so many ways and still does. When I was having so much trouble with Kevin, who was the boy next door (literally across the street) and how badly he treated me So helped me. I remember going to Nashville for a week when I was 16 and stayed with him and his roommates. I went to the club where Merna Turner performed using an ID from some girl from Alaska. I had no idea what to order to I had a Singapore Sling. Again I had to ask So what to order because I was clueless! The week away helped a great deal and I was finally able to put Kevin behind me. So also helped me with my hair! I hated my natural curls and was constantly trying to straighten it. I didn't have the cool straighteners that kids have now. He pin curled my hair and when I let took it out (or he did, I don't remember) it looked fabulous! There is nothing better than having a gay brother for me!

When my boyfriend kicked me out of his house in Chicago where I had moved with him So was the first person I called. He told me I was coming to Houston and that is what I did. I stayed for 13 yrs until it was time to come back home to raise my son. He is currently doing something for me that is priceless. Absolutely priceless in every way. I can't talk about it now because it is a surprise but I will soon.

I love my brother So more than I can put into words. Like I said, he is my rock, always has been and always will be.

Then there is Joe. My wonderful husband. He was my best friend for many years before we started dating. In one moment we went from being like siblings to instant love. We were on a platonic date and were dancing to "The Dance" by Garth Brooks, oddly being sung by my current boss and good friend Butch. Joe asked me if he could kiss me. I said yes and my knees buckled....literally. The rest is history. He took on a single mother with a 2 yr old and a 12 yr old and has been the best father to both of them. Even Ryan's dad (Kevin I spoke of earlier...long story) has told Joe that he was a better dad to Ryan that he was. He has taught me so many things. I have taught him so many things in the 16 yrs we have been together. He is still my best friend. He always will be. I can remember when I used to wish on the first star I saw at night. Yall know that little jingle don't you? I remember that last time I wished on a star. I was sitting on our (mine and Joe's) front porch when I realized I already had what I had been wishing for so many years. It was Joe. I knew right then the last name that would be on my tombstone. It still makes me smile to this day.

I am a lucky girl to have had so many wonderful men in my life. I am forever grateful to them all.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It was NOT a good day to piss me off!

But it happened. It also happened yesterday. If you put the two together I was fit to be tied this morning.

It started yesterday when myself and another co-worker in our warehouse was not told about a good ole' BBQ lunch that everyone (except the 2 of us) were invited to attend. By the time I knew about it I was already eating my nasty low calorie frozen items. It isn't the first or even second time this has happened. It has happened numerous times. It wasn't the fact that I didn't have the delicious BBQ, it was the principal of it. Now, I do admit that the idea of that kind of a lunch sounded so very good, but the main reason I was upset was that we were forgotten about.

This morning we were scheduled to have a safety meeting. That requires me to get up at a much more unGodly hour than I normally do. 5:15am comes mighty soon for anyone, much less this grandmother who is still trying to recover from Project Graduation this past weekend. I arrived early, as usual, for the safety meeting. I was curious to see the lack of vehicles in the parking lot when I pulled in but I just thought folks were running a tad bit late. I walked on into the office, saw some donuts and thought "ok, everyone will be here in a minute or two." Then I decided to call my boss to find out if the meeting was being held at the other office where it is sometimes held. You can only imagine what I felt when he said "the meeting was cancelled, didn't Mark tell you?" Uh, no Mark didn't tell me. He was trying to work to leave yesterday since his brother in law dropped dead Sunday. He was trying to hurry up and get home to his wife who was obviously upset about the entire thing. About that time the guy who is the Traffic Manager at the sandyard came out of the restroom. He started to tell me the meeting was cancelled when I quipped "NO ONE TOLD ME JUST LIKE NO ONE TOLD ME AND JONATHAN ABOUT THE LUNCH YESTERDAY!" and I stormed out of the office, got in my vehicle and literally squealed my tires coming out of the parking lot.

Now I don't usually let things get to me like that. Well, let me be clear on that. I haven't reacted that way since I was in my 20's. My brother, So, used to say that I could clear the Astrodome if I wanted to. I had quite a temper when I was a late teenager and early into my 20's.

Not only that but for the last 3 years I have worked here I have not been recognized one bit on Administrative Professional Day even though the girl who worked here before me received flowers every year. The 2 ladies that work at the main office always receive lunch, flowers or this year they received a gift card. I have never said anything about it, just accepted the fact that it is what is it. Well no more. I am tired of being ignored and obviously not appreciated.

Bear with me for a minute while I say this. I put my heart and soul into my job. I work to constantly improve and make things easier and more efficient. I go out of my way to check inventory at other warehouses to make sure they are cooperating with the way my customer requires things to be done. Believe me, there are many times they don't. In fact just yesterday morning I let my customer know that so and so wasn't sending the oldest product like they were supposed to be doing. I have never been late to work in the almost 4 yrs I have been here. I have never called in sick when I wasn't. Believe me I have been tempted too. But I don't believe in that. I don't DO that. Apparently my boss and others don't give a rip.

Ok, I am getting off of my soapbox now. I just had to vent and get that out. Some things are just not right and for me, I think I have been taken for granted for far too long.

Now, as Joe and I say when the subject needs to be changed.......How are the plants?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have had kind of a crick in my neck for about 2 weeks now. It really is more like I slept wrong and that side of my neck down to the shoulder area hurts. REALLY hurts. Ryan massaged it really well the other night when he was at the house. How I long for a professional massage. If anyone has any ideas on how I can get some relief please share immediately! I'm a hurtin' I have some muscle relaxers at home but when I take one I get so sleepy I can't work. I end up getting so sleepy and that is not a good idea at work. I wonder if heat would help? I might try the heating pad tonight. Come on a gal a favor and share share share ideas!

Stephanie is thoroughly enjoying being out of school. She has slept and slept and then slept again. Then she took some naps. Last night I gave her some chores to accomplish today. We'll see how that works out.

Joe has been visiting Bill at the hospital daily. It is so amazing to see how well he is doing. Bill that is. When I think of how close he was to death just a couple of weeks ago and how he looks and acts now it is an absolute miracle. A miracle from God for sure. Bill has arranged for after care for himself as Joe just can't handle it again. We will, of course, bring him home if the after care doesn't work out. Bill has made a lot of mistakes in his life but you know what, who hasn't? He has recovered from several surgeries at our house in the past few years. What's one more time!

Steph's boyfriend of 2 1/2 yrs abruptly broke up with her last week, 3 days before school ended. I don't want to get into it here because she would be very upset. But Joe and I have tried to help her through it. Her friends at school helped more than anything. I fear now that she doesn't believe what she was told and will get back with him. It is her decision for sure. It just hurts so much to see my baby hurt. Steph thinks that I don't understand. But I dealt with a no good boyfriend in high school that I truly did love. In fact we ended up getting married years later. He is Ryan's daddy. But that marriage didn't work out. We just grew in such different ways. He has apologized for his part in the failed marriage (which was 90%!). We are still friends and truly do care for each other. I truly hope that she realizes the truth but that is up to her. It is her future and happiness. With that said that really is all that we want. For her to be happy.

I guess it is time for me to get some work done today. That is if I can stop my continual rolling of my neck trying to make it feel better. If I don't stop soon I'm going to fall on my arse when I get up from dizziness!

Monday, May 24, 2010

My baby graduates and this 52yr old stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG!






I guess since I was the one with the camera no one got a picture of ME hugging my baby. But that's ok cause I know I did.

I have to say that I did enjoy Project Graduation. Especially since my only duties were to be the parent at the mechanical bull. It proved to be quite comical.




Especially when they fell. I had one boy ask me who had stayed on longer. I told him that all of the girls had beat the boys. Of course that wasn't true but it was fun. He knew I was kidding. Every time I would see him throughout the night I teased him!

Here is Nicki, a good friend of Steph's. I think she rode it about 50 times and was quite sore the next day!




That is one of Steph's best friends Brandy. She was the very first friend Steph made when she started at Graves Middle School. Steph said she asked her if she wanted some gum on the bus the first day. Isn't that sweet?






It was so funny for me to watch the boys trying to impress the ladies!




Oh my!


Yes, that is probably a good idea. For the record, Steph took the last 3 photos!


I don't know who this is but can anyone say Justin Beaver? I think it's cute though.



The night ended with their version of Let's Make a Deal. Remember how Monty Hall used to offer people money for odd things they might have? That is what they did. The funniest one was when the officer asked for anyone who had an unpaid traffic violation. You should have seen the boys running down. I bet there were 8 of them!

The day started on a bad note. Steph's boyfriend just broke up with her, Bill was having major surgery with only a 30% chance of survival but it ended on a wonderful note. I don't think there is anything more I could have asked for.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Steph graduated, I went to Project Graduation (had a blast) and Bill came through the surgery with flying colors! The drs said it went remarkably well.

We saw Bill last night at the hospital and he looked better than I have seen him in a long time.

Prayers answered! Now I have to go to town and get some kind of plumbing stuff for Joe to finish fixing the sink. It is a glorious day outside! Here is a picture of Steph and Ryan with a good friend of Steph's that also graduated.


More later of course! I'm off to the hardware store.

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a good day but it is a bad day too

I am so happy that my precious Stephanie is graduating tonight. She is such a sweet and goodhearted person. She has always taken up for the downtrodden. The kid on the playground that was different. The one being picked on. She has had some hard times in her 18yrs on this Earth, but she has persevered through them and is a wonderful and caring young woman. She has worked hard this year and last to make the best grades that she can. She is graduating. My baby is growing up too fast.

My brother in law is having surgery today. A very serious and dangerous surgery. One that has only a 30/70 chance of survival. He has recently been hospitalized for renal kidney failure. On top of that he is diabetic and his right leg has no blood flow from the knee down. The surgery will be to put stints in the kidney and in his leg. Joe will be there for his brother of course. He will miss Steph's graduation but she is fine with it. They had a long talk yesterday about this and Steph understands and wants him to be with his brother.

Project Graduation is tonight. Joe and I are supposed to be there. We have our assignments and times. Steph will be there. But things change. Joe won't be able to be there for obvious reasons. I feel that I need to be with Joe. But I want to be there for Stephanie. I am very torn on what to do.

Joe called me a few minutes ago. He told me to be strong for Stephanie tonight. I will attend the graduation along with my son Ryan. I'll bring Ryan back to our house (he's staying the night again!). From there I am undecided. I want to be at Project Graduation but I want to be with Joe. The timing of the surgery couldn't be worse, but it is what it is.

I am going to just take everything a minute at a time. I am going to try very hard to go to Project Graduation. It depends on how well Bill is doing.

Whew, it's going to be a loooooong day. But it will be a good day for my daughter. She deserves it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Abby Graduating Pictures

I managed to download some pictures of Abby last night. I hope you enjoy.


She's the one waving. See the little boy on the bottom row far right? He cried the whole time. Poor baby


Biting her lip but she wasn't nervous, oh no, not my precious.


Someone must have said "let's make funny faces"


That is her teacher...Miss Micky I think



I know, I know. She is all grown up with her new do


Here is Abby and her best friend Zander



Look who is sneaking in between them


And behind them


That was when I just had to butt in. I couldn't let Steph and Papa Joe get all of her attention!



I actually found a greeting card for the event. Graduating preschool to kindergarten.


Papa Joe read it to her


She's showing Zander her loot



I had my eye on that Zander. Can't be having any kissing going on.



It was a very nice event and it didn't last very long. I told Beth that before you know it she will be like Stephanie.....out of high school. At least sometimes it seems like it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Abby & Steph graduate!

Abby graduated preschool last night. I didn't even know they did that. But they do and it was excellent. She has her hair cut and Steph almost didn't recognize her. She did very well. I did get pictures but was so tired when we finally got home I didn't even turn on the computer.

Steph has 3 days left of high school. How exciting for her. I can remember those days. My gosh I was so ready! I never liked school and once I got out I had no intentions of ever stepping foot inside another school again. I did end up going one semester at the local community college but it was so much like high school I couldn't stand it. The closest I have been since was classes for insurance licensing. That was hard! But I was proud I did get certified in all 4 lines of insurance. Even though I didn't like insurance. I learned a lot which has proven to come in quite handy.

Stephanie is attending Project Graduation Friday night and Joe & I are volunteering to help. We had our last meeting Sunday afternoon to sigh up for what we would do and what times. I am helping with the mechanical bull from 12-1am and again from 3-4am and the cash cage from 2-3am. Joe is doing security from 12-2 and the obstacle course from 3-4am. We are looking forward to it. I am taking that day off of work and will try to sleep late and maybe get a nap in. It's been 100 yrs since I stayed up all night. Needless to say Saturday will be a sleep day for all of us. Ryan is going with us and will stay at our house that night. We are all looking forward to it.

Today is Election Day in Kentucky. Thank goodness because I am sooooooo tired of hearing the crap the candidates spit out.

I'm off of here to try and get some work done. So, to quote a childhood friend of mine "See ya" (1 hand up with 2 fingers up, rest down, hand swinging up in the air). I wonder how Dorcas is doing.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vet check


Miss Sophie went for her annual examination yesterday. I am proud to report she is in perfect health. We changed both the girls food a while back to Diamond. Sophie is on the Adult large breed 60+ and Patty is on the Large breed puppy formulas. We had noticed as soon as a week after we switch Sophie to it that it was having an effect on her. In a good way. She was slimming down and her coat was a tad bit shinier. Who would have thought that after only 1 week we could see it, but we could. When Joe took her in yesterday she has lost 5 lbs since a year ago. The vet was impressed. Joe told her that we had switched her food and she said she was looking really good. The food costs more but it doesn't have the fillers like so many other dog foods do. Not to mention both the girls love it!

I need to get some pictures of the yard. Spring is such a wonderful time of the year. Green everywhere, birds chirping and making families. We actually have Robins this year. Our trees are getting big enough to start attracting then along with others we haven't seen much of since we have lived in this house. I have missing seeing Cardinals. They are such beautiful birds. Also, they are Kentucky's state bird. One kind of bird that drives me and Stephanie crazy is the Kildee. They nest on the ground and are mean! If something or someone gets close to their nest the mama and daddy will go some distance away and start flaying around like they are hurt in order to distract from their nest. It is quite comical to watch. When the eggs hatch the babies are able to walk right away. Kind of like when a calf or foal is born. They have to be ready to go. I guess it is because they are a ground bird, as opposed to most other birds that take flight when they travel.

We also have 3 gooslings at our pond. Along with 2 females and 1 male. We can only guess that the extra female must have lost her mate and she is tagging along with the other two. I have been telling myself every day that I am going to get pictures and I have yet to do it. If I take too much longer they are going to be grown and gone! I'll try to do that this evening.

The farrier came out Tuesday evening to give Jones a trim. I am keeping her barefoot all of the time now. She really doesn't need shoes since she is not ridden on the road plus $20 for a trim verses $55 for shoes makes a big difference in my pocketbook. She did so well. When I first got her the farrier had to drug her in order to get the job done. Now she just stands there like a good girl. She has changed since I sold the gelding. In a good way. She is much more friendly than she was when the bully was with her. I still haven't decided what to get her for a pasture mate. I will though....someday.

I have a dr's appointment today. I am hoping my bloodwork comes out good. I have really been trying to eat healthier lately. We'll see if it is reflected.

I guess I'd best get back to work. Somebody's gotta do it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

They grow up too fast!

I guess all parents say that at one time or another. I can remember being told that many times as I was doing just that. Growing up that is. People would say "I remember you when you were this tall." We all have heard it and I would imagine we have all said it to someone at least once in our lifetime. Every time I tell my Abby to stop growing up she says "I can't Grandmother!" Then she gives me 'the look' that only she can make. Then I crack up at my own humor and laugh all the way to wherever I was going. Or not.

Anyway, my daughter Stephanie is graduating from high school on the 21st of this month. I can't believe it. She's my baby. She's still in diapers watching Jurassic Park 50 times per week. She can't be old enough to graduate! But alas, she is. But it's ok though. Joe and I are about ready to be empty nesters. That is if she ever leaves! Oh don't get me wrong. I'm not in any hurry for her to move on, but it will be nice to have a quiet house for a change.

She doesn't know yet what she is going to do after school except get a job. They are pretty hard to come by around these parts expecially since we live in the middle of nowhere. She might have a babysitting job just down the road. That would be a nice start anyway.

What was my point anyway? Oh yes. She has gone from 8lbs 2 ozs to, well let's just say she is a grown girl. She wouldn't appreciate me putting her weight on here. Or at least I don't think she would so I won't.

Here is another example of things growing up


Hello Miss Patty. This was one of the first pictures I took of her just after we brought her home. Isn't she just a doll?


There she is with last year's flowers. Sniffing. She sniffs a lot. A whole lot. She has a good snout and uses it constantly.


I think she's a little confused with the shadows in this picture


She and Sophie made friends right away


And quickly became sisters, just like she and Annie did.


Gosh I miss that girl. Her collar is still on the lamp beside where I sit in the living room. I dare say it will never be anywhere else. At least as long as I am around.

Sophie and Patty lie on the loveseat just like she and Annie used to



Run and play outside just like she and Annie used to



All good things must come to an end. It just seems that sometimes it comes so quickly.