Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vet check


Miss Sophie went for her annual examination yesterday. I am proud to report she is in perfect health. We changed both the girls food a while back to Diamond. Sophie is on the Adult large breed 60+ and Patty is on the Large breed puppy formulas. We had noticed as soon as a week after we switch Sophie to it that it was having an effect on her. In a good way. She was slimming down and her coat was a tad bit shinier. Who would have thought that after only 1 week we could see it, but we could. When Joe took her in yesterday she has lost 5 lbs since a year ago. The vet was impressed. Joe told her that we had switched her food and she said she was looking really good. The food costs more but it doesn't have the fillers like so many other dog foods do. Not to mention both the girls love it!

I need to get some pictures of the yard. Spring is such a wonderful time of the year. Green everywhere, birds chirping and making families. We actually have Robins this year. Our trees are getting big enough to start attracting then along with others we haven't seen much of since we have lived in this house. I have missing seeing Cardinals. They are such beautiful birds. Also, they are Kentucky's state bird. One kind of bird that drives me and Stephanie crazy is the Kildee. They nest on the ground and are mean! If something or someone gets close to their nest the mama and daddy will go some distance away and start flaying around like they are hurt in order to distract from their nest. It is quite comical to watch. When the eggs hatch the babies are able to walk right away. Kind of like when a calf or foal is born. They have to be ready to go. I guess it is because they are a ground bird, as opposed to most other birds that take flight when they travel.

We also have 3 gooslings at our pond. Along with 2 females and 1 male. We can only guess that the extra female must have lost her mate and she is tagging along with the other two. I have been telling myself every day that I am going to get pictures and I have yet to do it. If I take too much longer they are going to be grown and gone! I'll try to do that this evening.

The farrier came out Tuesday evening to give Jones a trim. I am keeping her barefoot all of the time now. She really doesn't need shoes since she is not ridden on the road plus $20 for a trim verses $55 for shoes makes a big difference in my pocketbook. She did so well. When I first got her the farrier had to drug her in order to get the job done. Now she just stands there like a good girl. She has changed since I sold the gelding. In a good way. She is much more friendly than she was when the bully was with her. I still haven't decided what to get her for a pasture mate. I will though....someday.

I have a dr's appointment today. I am hoping my bloodwork comes out good. I have really been trying to eat healthier lately. We'll see if it is reflected.

I guess I'd best get back to work. Somebody's gotta do it!


Scott W said...

I have never heard of Diamond brand dog food. The pet stores here don't carry it, but we have a feed store up on Washington that does. I am gonna get Bunny some next time and see what happens.

Trailboss said...

Steph was the one that told us about it. She found out that it is one of the healthiest foods a dog can eat. It is amazing, really. Feed stores carry it here, Tractor Supply does along with the kennel that the girls stay when we go out of town. My girls like the Lamb formula.

Syd said...

Be careful about Diamond. The food was implicated in the death of many dogs and was recalled a few years ago. Here is a review:

Having corn as a main ingredient is not great. There are some really good dog foods out there of better quality.