Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Got Her!

I just received a call from Suzie, a volunteer that works with the SPCA in Murray, Ky. She wanted to chat about Kimba. She asked me some questions and listened a lot to what I said. I liked that about her. I think that it is very important to actually listen. We talked about boxers, where the sweetness would live (duhhhh, inside with us), how we would keep her in our yard and keep her away from chasing deer or whatever critter might come along. After all of the talking, the tears I spoke through when I spoke about Annie, and apparently how I answered the questions Suzie told me that we were approved and that she felt very good about Kimba having a forever home with us.

There is paperwork to complete. Things to get in order but the bottom line is that precious baby that someone forgot, let out, didn't care about, whatever the case is in her past is ours. She will have a forever home with us. We are up for the challenge and the training that she will surely need. We don't know if she has ever been inside a home before. But, boxers are so very smart there is no doubt in my mind that she will do great.

We might be able to adopt her this weekend. It depends on several things they have to do. Whenever it is I am ready. I am up for the challenge and I guarantee one thing. This pup will never ever have to worry about lack of love, food, vet care or whatever she needs. She has a sister here ready to welcome her, play with her, love on her and be her best friend.

After I hung up from talking with Suzie I laid the phone down and cried. I cried for Annie and how she will never know this sweet pup coming into our lives. I cried for the loneliness that she has been through for the past few weeks not knowing where she will be from one day to another. And another thing. I thought that 3 weeks ago we let our Annie get her wings, and apparently Annie made sure we would find this sweet girl.

Naturally I will keep yall posted on everything. You will probably get sick of what I share with you. But I don't care. Because there will be playing in the house again. There will be a youngster in the house again. There will be training, potty messes, chewies all over the place. But most of all there will be a very lucky dog that has found an even luckier family to have her in their lives. For this, I am truly grateful.

hUMp DAy

I am lovin' the temperatures this week. High in the 70's and low in the 50's.......awwwwwww. Sleeping weather. Last night Miss Sophie slept with me almost all night long. She has never done that before. I think she was chilly (the windows in the living room were wide open for Steph) and what better place to sleep than with her momma under the nice warm quilt. Needless to say I absolutely loved it. Annie slept with me most every night for the past year so it was so comforting to have her there with me. Especially since Joe is in the hospital. In fact, this morning she didn't even get up when I did. She usually has to get a pretty or a bone and "be proud" of it by prancing around and curling like only boxers can. I guess she was enjoying the sleeping weather as well as myself.

I talked to Joe just a bit ago. He took it real easy on the strong pain meds yesterday in order to find out just what progress, if any, he had made in getting past the worst of the shingles pain. He said about 3am the severe pain hit. He is back on the strong stuff. We thought he might get out today but I doubt it. He is getting some much needed rest though. While I was writing this Joe called to say the dr will keep him in the hospital until they get the pain under control.

I am so glad work is busy. It has been a bit hairy, but busy. I don't like the days where I don't have enough to do. Talk about the day going by S....L....O....W!

I checked our email as soon as I got home yesterday to see if there was any word on my sweetness Kimba. Nothing yet but she has been removed from the active adoption list which means they are processing an application(s). I might have told yall that yesterday, goodness knows I can't remember from one day to the other. I do feel very good however about us being able to adopt her though. My brother told me once that he could not think of a better life for a pup than what we offer. Now that my friends just makes me smile all over again.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's baaaaaaaaack

Shingles that is. Actually it never left. Joe came home Saturday feeling much better. By Sunday he was worse than he had been. Apparently the strong meds given to him at the hospital were masking the true pain. He didn't sleep at all Sunday night. I woke up several times and saw the light on. Monday morning he was at the dr's office when they opened.

He was readmitted to the hospital immediately. This time he will make sure he is better before he leaves. I hate it for him. It is so hard to see the person you love so much hurting and there is nothing at all you can do for them. But he is where he needs to be for now and that is what matters most.

I haven't heard anything about sweetness Kimba yet. But I didn't expect to hear yet. Even though I am so very anxious. The shelter is run by volunteers and they have full time jobs. What they do is wonderful. I might even look into some kind of volunteer work myself. I just can't wait to hear about that precious baby. I told Sophie all about her. She rewarded me with a giant lick to the face. the doggie kisses.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Her name is Kimba

and she is gorgeous. She is the sweetness I talked about last night. When I got up this morning I checked our email and we already had a response from one of the volunteers at the Calloway County SPCA. It included an application for adoption which I quickly filled out and sent back. Isn't she a beauty?

I will keep yall updated. I can't stop smiling. I am sooooo ready. Life is good.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

She might be the one

I was poking around tonight on the internet just looking. I decided to see what boxers were maybe, just maybe in a shelter. Imagine my surprise when I actually found one! She reminds me a lot of Annie but is still different. She is in the shelter in Murray, Ky which is only about 40 miles from us.

I immediately sent an email to let them know that I was very interested in this precious dog. She is young, but an adult. I would guess 2 or so. I forwarded the information to work so I can print and fill out the application in full. I am so excited! I will keep yall posted.

You know, I told yall that Joe had shingles really bad? Well, what I didn't tell you was that he has been in the hospital the past 2 nights. There is not much that can be done for shingles other than medicine and pain management. This latest outbreak of shingles for Joe was one of the worst. Twice before he has had to be admitted to the hospital for pain management. When I saw him yesterday after work he had not slept for over 24 hours, save an hour here and there. Even with the strong pain meds he was not able to sleep. Last night he fell asleep about 10pm and slept until 6am this morning. It was just what he needed. Between the medicine and the sleep and rest he was able to come home today. I am truly thankful for our wonderful doctor and the great nurses at Western Baptist Hospital.

He didn't have any of the food from the BBQ on the River this year but guess what? He has been marinating a shoulder for 2 days and will grill it tomorrow. It will be most delicious and it will definitely cost a ton less than buying some goodies downtown.

I feel great about us getting a new addition to our family soon. Goodness knows Sophie is ready........and the rest of us are too.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I have been a bad blogger. I just have not felt like it lately. But I am going to work on it and try to make myself post whether I feel like it or not.

BBQ on the River is happening in my neck of the woods this week. This is the 15th annual event. The smell of ribs, chicken and pork blows from downtown all the way to where I work. I walked out of the sandyard building yesterday and smelled BBQ. Oh, what a heavenly smell! Here is a link if you would like to read about it. Joe volunteered for 3 years and cooked with a friend of his. He really enjoyed it. Steph and I would go downtown and help. Thousands of dollars are raised for various charities and lots of bellies fill up for 4 days.

This year the weather has not cooperated. We have had rainy days that seem to never end. Hopefully tomorrow the rains will subside and the BBQers can sell their wares to the thousands of folks that will venture into downtown following their noses.

The shingles have snuck in the back door and attacked Joe again. This probably makes the 18th time he has had them. Seriously. This one is a bad one too. I have never had shingles but it is very painful. He is taking his medicine and dealing with it as best he can. We'll see how long this one lasts.

Last but certaintly not least, today is Friday. Whoo hooo! Once again I look forward to a weekend with my family. Home is the best place on Earth.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random thoughts

I had a dream last night that Lou came to Paducah for a visit. So was here too. Lou was driving and I was trying to tell her how to get to wherever we were going. We ended up driving through lots of country roads to which she was not too pleased. In fact, had I not grabbed the wheel at one time and took charge of the driving we would have ended up in a huge creek! We ended up at a hospital looking around at all of the nooks and crannies. It was a very strange dream.

I have been at a huge loss for words lately. I can't get motivated to do much of anything. I go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch a little TV and go to bed. Just to do it all over again the next day. Sophie seems to be trying to tell us something. There is something about the way she looks at us. It isn't every time she looks, just once in a while. But it seems to be happening more every day. She seems lonely. She doesn't have anyone to play with. Joe took her to the neighbor's house Monday to let her play with a female dog there but she wasn't interested at all. She just smelled around and paid no attention to the other dog.

Joe is planning on going to Ohio for Halloween. He will be gone a week. I think that after he gets back home it might just be time to start searching for a puppy. Our family has not been the same for a while now and it is starting to show. I think it is time to do something about it. I haven't said anything to Joe yet. I really would prefer him to come to me saying he is ready. But, I can't ignore the signs. I just hope he is ready too. I am ready to be happy again. To have some excitement in the house. To have joy in the house. But most of all to see that sparkle back in Sophie's eyes. I think it's time. I hope it is.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Monday

It's Monday again. Funny how it just keeps rolling right along doesn't it? We had a somewhat quiet weekend. It was rainy so I stayed home. There really isn't anywhere on Earth I would rather be than home. I got some much needed rest and relaxation. That was a good thing.

We are getting ready for our annual company picnic today. Tomorrow there is a pretty good chance of rain so it looks like the event will be held inside the warehouse where I work. That means lots of folks in and out of the building. The mayor and city officials are always present. Lots of visitors and guests etc. It is a catered event although it is casual. Hamburgers and hot dogs, ice cream and cokes. Things like that. There will be door prizes. The first year I worked here I won an umbrella. How exciting.

I'm just kind of in a duh mood. I don't know what I want to do. I had weird dreams last night. Kept waking up and going back to sleep. This damned menopause is for the birds. I am ready to give it to someone else. Perhaps Joe might be so kind as to take it off of my hands for a while. I have had it long enough thank you. Dadgum that Eve.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time for a dentist visit?

After looking at Abby's teeth last Sunday I think it is way past time to see the dentist.



She had such fun with these teeth. She couldn't wait for her Mom and Dad to see her.


But we had to wait for that. She ended up spending the night with us Saturday (last week) night since she was fast asleep when her Mom and Dad came to pick up the girls. But that was ok, I love having my precious stay with us.

She and Papa Joe decided to go fishing.



She is patiently waiting for Papa Joe.



Finally they get on their way.


I was making some chicken salad and needed to finish before I could join them. When I finished I walked down to the pond. My precious had apparently been asking every 30 seconds where her Grandmother was. When she saw me coming she walked around the pond to hold my hand while I crossed an area of high grass. So sweet.




Papa Joe caught another one! Abby caught 3 crappie, Joe caught about 8.


Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......dinner. Literally.



I love to take pictures of this end of the pond.


To me it is the very definition of peace and serenity.

Then it was off to clean the fish. We planned on having them for dinner.


I made sure Abby knew that it might be a bit messy and gross to watch Papa Joe clean them but she didn't mind.


I just love the way she lights up when she sees me. I don't think it gets better than that!



Joe got all of the fish cleaned and skinned. We put them in the refrigerator until it was time for dinner. Meanwhile Beth, Thomas and Leah finally got there.



How beautiful is this child?


Big sister is really handy to have around. She only wants her sister to be happy. It is precious to watch her and how she reacts to things.


Beth and Thomas managed to get in quite a bit of fishing. Thomas isn't usually off of a weekend day and he really had a good time. He and Abby were able to spend some good quality daddy and daughter time together. Leah was able to spend a lot of time with her grandparents, and everyone just generally had a great time. They stayed for a fabulous dinner of crappie, fries, baked beans and corn casserole. We all truly enjoyed the day.

Yall might have noticed that I have not been blogging much for the past couple of weeks. Work has really picked up and is proving to be quite challenging, which I love. But it does keep me really busy and tired when I get home. So tired that I rarely get on the computer in the evenings. Plus, I am really missing Annie. I have been dreaming about her a lot. Every morning when I walk to my car I look over at her grave and every evening when I get home I do the same thing. I know that she is out of pain and for that I am thankful. But I miss her terribly. I miss everything about her. It is slowly getting better but it is going to take a long time to get past this. She was taken too soon. I know that we had her a lot longer than we first expected. For that I am truly grateful. I also know that I will see her again someday. But it is hard. I have been looking on Craigslist for another puppy. I actually found a 5 month old puppy in Missouri that a family is trying to find a good home for. I emailed back and forth with the owner. She would be a great match for us. But when I talked to Joe about it he said he wasn't ready yet and I realized that I wasn't either. The pain of losing Annie is still so fresh and raw. Someday just the right babe will land in our hearts like Annie did that fall day in 2001. Until then we pour all of our love into Sophie. We are lucky to have her.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saturday night

Guess what I got to do on Saturday evening.




let's not forget



and look here yall............Leah Samantha



I think Papa Joe pinched her...look at her cry. Or maybe she just wanted her Grandmother


Or maybe it was just a bit of a wet diaper


But Sophie told me that Leah told her that she wanted her Grandmother


No good grandmother wants to disappoint their brand spanking new grandbaby





Oh yeah, she definitely wanted Grandmother


and a bottle!


Oh Boy! One more to spoil!


I have to say though, there is something about the first one


She can do no wrong in my eyes.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Did yall know Hopscotch is a verb?

At least it is in AbbyLand. During my short visit last week to see my grand daughters (hee hee, I love saying that as plural), Abby couldn't wait for me to "step out on the front porch" as she said. Those actually were her exact words. This child continues to astonish me with her vocabulary.


"Look me hopscotch"


Of course she had to pick out just the right rock.


And she was off!


And hopscotch she did.






I left soon after taking that last picture because Joe called and I needed to go. I never remember playing hopscotch as a kid. In fact, I had to ask Beth how to play! Abby made up her own version. She would toss the rock and whichever number it landed on or was closest to she avoided the block in front of it. Hey, it works for me. I have some brand new sidewalk chalk at the house just a'waitin' for my precious to make a big ole hopscotch area on our front porch. That is if we can ever tear her away from her little sister Leah. She is quite the grownup big sister these days. But look


I really can't blame her!