Friday, September 11, 2009

Did yall know Hopscotch is a verb?

At least it is in AbbyLand. During my short visit last week to see my grand daughters (hee hee, I love saying that as plural), Abby couldn't wait for me to "step out on the front porch" as she said. Those actually were her exact words. This child continues to astonish me with her vocabulary.


"Look me hopscotch"


Of course she had to pick out just the right rock.


And she was off!


And hopscotch she did.






I left soon after taking that last picture because Joe called and I needed to go. I never remember playing hopscotch as a kid. In fact, I had to ask Beth how to play! Abby made up her own version. She would toss the rock and whichever number it landed on or was closest to she avoided the block in front of it. Hey, it works for me. I have some brand new sidewalk chalk at the house just a'waitin' for my precious to make a big ole hopscotch area on our front porch. That is if we can ever tear her away from her little sister Leah. She is quite the grownup big sister these days. But look


I really can't blame her!


Syd said...

Really cute.

Amy said...

Oh wow --- I've got serious baby lust! LOL

Leah is absolutely precious - I don't blame Abby, I wouldn't want to leave her side, either!

Paint Girl said...

Abby is so cute playing hopscotch. I used to love to play that.
Leah is precious!!

hulagirlatheart said...

LOL. I remember having to pick the perfect rock for hopscotch. Those girls are adorable.

Arlene said...

Awww....hopscotch!! What a fun thing to do!! Hey maybe we should all take tiem and try it again!! Well at least us that may or may not remember!! LOL!

Jen said...

I have been gone for way too long...see what all has happened????? Leah is beautiful and I love her name..congrats...a new one to love on all the time.
And I'm so sorry for Annie...keeping you wrapped in prayers for her healing and comfort and sweet stephanie's broken heart...we have all been there although that does not make things any better...tell her I said...dont cry because its because it happened...

Miss talking with u. We are so busy.

Anonymous said...

hopscotch was one of my favorite games in all the land when i was a kid.