Thursday, April 29, 2010

I think they're happy

Emmeline with her Mommy & Daddy. Does it get better than this? No it doesn't.





All together now....aaaawwwwwwwwwww





I miss them so much. I keep telling them to move her and build a house on our property. I think they would in a heartbeat if they could find jobs in Paducah. I'll never give up hope though!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"I'm an addict"

This is what my son told me yesterday. They were the sweetest words he has ever said to me. He has shingles and has been prescribed his drug of choice, Lortab, and as we got out of the car at the store yesterday he said the following. "I have been responsible with it because I am an addict." I have never heard him actually say those words and buddy boy were they every music to this mother's ears.

I picked him up at work yesterday afternoon and he stayed at our house last night. He is off today and will be able to enjoy some fishing that he loves plus keep Joe company. They are getting along really well lately. Ryan loves Joe very much and has told him so. Of course I don't have to tell you how Joe feels about Ryan. After all, he has been more of a father to him that his own dad. Ryan's dad even told Joe that.

He is doing a bit better with the shingles but it is still there. When I left the house this morning he had moved from the sofa to my bed which is much more comfortable and quiet. Not to mention Patty and Sophie would have to give him kisses of course. He needs his sleep as it has been hard to do.

I am so thankful. I am so blessed. I am so grateful for what God has blessed myself and my family with.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Visit to the animal shelter

As some of you know, Stephanie has been volunteering at our local animal shelter. She absolutely loves it. It started as being a requirement to graduate, meaning all seniors had to do at least 40 hrs of community service at a non-profit organization (had to be 2 different ones). I think that is a great thing required of our young people.

The first 20 hrs she did was at the elementary school helping a teacher and tutoring some of the students. She actually is still doing that even though she has far surpassed her 20 hrs required.

Anyway, Abby went with me one Saturday to pick Steph up. She really enjoyed it.

This full blooded chow is blind. She was found that very morning tied outside the shelter with a rope and a note.



Steph is explaining to Abby how this sweet thing uses her senses to get around.


As we walked back into the run area I snapped some pictures of the precious babies waiting for their forever home. All the while wishing I could take each and ever one of the home with me.



Oh My....what a face!





Pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee take me home!


Steph showed Abby the isolation room. That is where the dogs and cats first come when they arrive. She did just like Steph said and didn't touch one.





They went into the front lobby area where there were some sweet felines





I'm not sure what she is looking for in this one. I guess she was looking out of the window.


Here is the first one she saw....the blind Chow.


Someone took him home to foster him until a home can be found.

It was something I hope Abby can remember. Pet owners HAVE to know what they are doing and be responsible. So many don't care. I will say however, this animal shelter is as clean as a whistle. There is just a faint smell, nothing like I would have expected. Steph tells me they have good luck finding homes for the babes. There are a lot of Pit Bulls that come in. That area is known for people who fight them. Anytime a pit is adopted the staff follows up for a long time to make sure everything is good. Of course they are required to be neutered which causes them to not be good fighting dogs. I am proud to know that I live in a county that has such a great shelter. Oddly enough, the woman that owns/works at the studio Steph had her senior pictures done actually started the shelter. She told us a dog wandered into her yard years ago. She started trying to find the phone number for the shelter and quickly found out there wasn't one. She and several others raised the money and volunteered their time to make it happen. This world is full of good people. Sometimes they just fall into your lap. I like when that happens.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wanna see some precious babes?

Take a look at these dolls having fun in the bathtub


Daddy making sure the kahuna is clean







That hair do is just too precious. Mohawk style!



Emmeline isn't in the bathtub but my my.....look at this sweetness!


I miss them so much. We all do. We were able to see them online yesterday and it was priceless. Thank goodness for computers & cameras!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A good evening

Ryan stayed with us last night. He was off of work and doesn't work today until 4pm so it was a good time for him to visit. Not to mention he needed to wash clothes!

I picked him up after work and we chatted all the way home. It is so nice to be able to know where he is, what he is doing and feel that he is safe. A big change from a year ago for sure. He was telling me that he thinks he has shingles. He started describing it to me, trying to show me the spot in the middle of his back all the while I am driving. I finally told him to wait until we got home. After all, Joe is the shingles expert in the family. That man has had them no less than 30 times. Sure enough, our diagnosis is shingles. Luckily Joe had some left over medicine that Ryan was able to start taking. He didn't want to take it because it is so expensive but like Joe told him "If I need any all I have to do is call my doctor. You don't have a family doctor." So he smiled and said thank you. I am hoping this will nip it in the bud but that is a cruel virus. We shall see.

We had a nice and simple dinner of grilled cheesy polish sausage and chips. Ryan and Steph talked a lot. They seem to be making up for lost time and getting closer every day.

We got Steph's senior pictures yesterday. We had one done in black & white and let me tell you it is the worst black & white I have ever seen. Stephanie looks like one eye is black from the shadow that they didn't even bother to touch up. Joe picked them up at the studio and when the girl showed them to him she pointed to the black & white stating that was her favorite. Joe said "that is terrible!" Obviously they will make it right but after spending the kind of money we did we are not happy campers.

I can't believe that Stephanie graduates in one month. It will make the first time in 22 years that I have not had a child in school. She is ready too. She likes school but is ready to be done with it. Joe & I are helping with the Project Graduation this year. Steph is upset because none of her friends are going. Personally I think Steph is the smart one to go. There are all kinds of money and prizes to win. She might even change her mind, I don't know. She has her senior prom May 1st and the dress is being altered, shoes are ready. I need to make sure she has her earrings! Being a mom never stops does it folks?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bandit R.I.P.

Amy's cat Bandit has been having some problems for several months. She has taken him to two different vets but she still had not been able to find the right food that he could tolerate. She was not able to afford the surgery required & that surgery didn't really have much of a chance of helping him. She has had Bandit for 14 yrs and has been with her through some tough times in her life. I noticed when we first got to Ohio just how skinny he was. Everything he eats comes back up and Amy was so concerned but needed some encouragement to find the bravery it took to do the right thing.

Monday, she and Jeremy decided was the right day. The girls gathered around to pet him while Amy held him.

Picture 032

Picture 033

Picture 034

Picture 036

Picture 038

Amy was very brave and held Bandit closely. Then she and Jeremy left. When they returned about an hour later she had been crying of course, but I sensed relief from her. She had finally found the courage to do what she knew she had to do. Bandit was no longer suffering and had crossed the Rainbow Bridge where Chester & Annie ran to meet him. She saw the Rainbow Bridge poem at the vet's office and she liked it.

As you fellow pet owners know, it is so difficult to let them go, but as my brother says it's part of the deal. Responsible pet owners do what is right by the animal, not by what we want.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18th -- a special day

Today is a special day for me. It is my dear husband's 58th birthday. It is also my dear mother's birthday. I have always found it ironic that Mom and Joe share the same day. I wish he could have met her. But I do feel that she does know him and looks over us all every day.

It is a beautiful day outside. I am contemplating driving to town for some annuals. I am anxious to see the colors of spring/summer in my whiskey barrels. I am waiting for Amy to call so we can visit with the Ohio grandkids via computer. In the meantime here are the pictures of Mia and Aubrella playing after eating at Rise & Shine.

Picture 156

Picture 157

Picture 158

Picture 159

Picture 160

Picture 163

Picture 166

Picture 170

Picture 173

Picture 174

Picture 175

Picture 176

Picture 178

Picture 179

Picture 183

Goodness these girls love the slides!

Picture 185

Mia first

Picture 187

Then Aubrella

Picture 188

Look at Auby marching up those steps

Picture 189

The gal is on a mission

Picture 190

Picture 191

The sunglasses gang

Picture 199

Picture 203

Picture 204

Picture 210

Picture 211

Picture 214

Yes, the slides were fun but what the girls were patiently waiting for was the swings. There weren't very many at this park and everyone had to wait their turn. The time finally came for Mia & Auby

Picture 239

Picture 241

Picture 242

Picture 245

Auby was finally able to swing too

Picture 247

Picture 248

Picture 249

Picture 251

What do you think? Are they having fun or what

Picture 254

Picture 255

Picture 256

Picture 257

Picture 258

Picture 259

Picture 261

Picture 262

Picture 265

Picture 267

Picture 268

Picture 269

Picture 271

I have to say....they sure made the most of the time they had to swing. Amy noticed that a couple of more kids were waiting their turn so it was time to give it up.

Emmeline had been watching from Papa Joe's arms

Picture 279

Apparently she told him that she wanted to slide

Picture 295

"Do you mean like this Emmeline?"

Picture 296

There it is people. Remember how I told you that every time Joe knows he is having his picture taken he opens his arms. It's just weird I tell ya

We finally managed to get Joe off of the kiddie slide so the 8 month old could have her turn.

Picture 297

Picture 298

Picture 300

Jeremy tried his best but at 6' 4" it was a bit difficult to get his legs out of the way!

Picture 301

Picture 302

Steph and Joe being silly.

Picture 313

Now this is a happy man

Picture 314

Something has changed in Joe since the grandkids have been born. Something wonderful. It has changed his (and my) life. It's true what I had been told. Being a grandmother is one of the best things I have ever experienced in my entire life. It truly is a blessing, and I am forever grateful for it.