Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is peaceful


Last night wasn't. It's tough to be Mom. I wish I could be the cool aunt once or twice a week. Is that possible? Guess not.

But.........the road home is pretty


and I always have these two waiting for Mom to come home. They probably wouldn't know who Aunt Lisa was!


I still love my life, drama or not. I am thankful.

Not Again!

Once again my Sony Ericsson cell phone has messed up. This is the third phone I have owned, all the exact same phone. The first one was thrown across the room by my pissed off son and it broke so I can forgive that one. But the past 2 times the phone has done the same thing. The screen is completely white. The phone works but I can't tell who I am calling or who is calling me or see the menu or anything.

Last night, after my drama filled evening, I sat down with Joe and we discussed it. We have decided that I will not get another phone like I currently have. I plan on buying a good phone just outright.

My question to you is: In your opinion what is the best and most reliable cellphone? I have AT&T service so it would have to be compatible with that. I don't mind paying more money as long as the phone will last at least a fricking year!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well excuse me for trying!

I am a bit frustrated. I went way out of my way Friday to find out how to complete a project going on here at work. I didn't have to do what I did. It really was up to others to complete it but I wasn't busy at all so I decided to help.

I was very clear on my instructions and was sure to put them in email format so as to have a paper trail in case there were any discrepancies. I completed my part and thought all was well. UNTIL THIS MORNING!!

I received a phone call telling me that part of what I did and how I handled it was not correct. He even said that he told me not to send what I did in the way I did. But, I still have the email indicating what I am supposed to do and I did it exactly that way. I won't argue with him or try to tell him that he is wrong because of reasons that I will keep to myself. After all he is the customer and I am supposed to do what he needs done. It just pisses me off when I try to help when noone else does and then get blamed for something that I was told to do in the first place!

I guess this is more of a pride thing than anything else. I take my work very seriously. I do not want to make any mistakes, although being human that is bound to happen at one time or another. But THIS I was told to do.

Well, since I have vented enough I guess I feel better.

It still sucks though.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Just thought I would ride

Yes, that is what I thought. I saddled up my mare Sunday to take a nice long ride in the sun on such a beautiful day but that dang mare had other plans.


Her thoughts apparently included me NOT going for a ride. So, what started as a great idea to ride turned in to an 1 1/2 hour lesson for her.


Naturally Dakota had to get in on the action.


I even changed headstalls thinking she had too much bit. I was using Dakota's bridle and her mouth is softer but even that didn't work.


She tested me for sure but I stuck with it and finally got her to stop moving in order to mount her. I never did go for a ride though because it was getting late and I was getting tired. But at least she knows now that when I say stand still I mean it!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday is Red

Because I say so. It is in my mind. But that has nothing to do with anything. Stephanie went to Lexington for The Rolex Cross Country Event today. I was going to go too but the thought of riding on a school bus for a total of 10 hours in one day was not too appealing to me so I opted not to attend.

Joe and I had company for breakfast this morning. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law came over for the day. After eating a most delicious breakfast of bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and biscuits we all headed down to the pond for some fishing. I myself don't like to fish. I find it incredibly boring but everyone else liked it.


That is Morris and Cindy. They are totally in love with each other. She is from Mobile Alabama and you should hear some of the things she says! She calls a flyswatter a flyflapper and she calls a garden hose a hose pipe! Too funny. Anyway, they had a grand time fishing.


Meanwhile I gave my babies a red apple. One for Jones and one for Dakota.


Naturally they wanted more but I only brought two.

Back to Morris and Cindy now. Cindy cracked Morris and me up when she tried to catch her first fish. By golly she was going to muscle that big ole catfish in and when she did the fishing line broke and she almost fell backwards. Here is Morris imitating her.


Morris is Joe's brother. Can you tell?


Cindy provided the entertainment for the day.


What is that on the end of your line Cindy?

Oh, it's just a minner. She doesn't call them minnows, they are minners. See what I mean?

She lost part of her fishing pole in this picture. It went flying when she cast!


Talk about funny! Then Morris and she got to the business of catching some catfish. The pond needs to be fished out a bit anyway.


Dang! Look at that pole bend!



Dinner at their house will be yummy tonight. My niece and her little girl came over also.


Is this how you do it Grandpa?


Yes dear, but you have to be patient when fishing. Ok, Momma told me I needed to be really quiet so I wouldn't scare the fish away.


You are such a sweetie McKenzie. Not spoiled at all, just like Abby!

Friday, April 25, 2008

More Equine Neighbors


What the.........



I swear, can't take them anywhere without a fight.

Miss FancyPants


See this guy? That is Barney.


He has his own house, literally.







Winter Coat be gone

My babies are starting to shed their winter coat. That always makes for a good time for them because they absolutely love to be brushed. I went up to the pasture yesterday and took a look at them to see which would be the lucky one to have the one on one attention from Mom today.

Jones immediately came up to me. Ladies first don't ya know.


Yo! PimpMomma! Me first!


I hate when you make me mind my manners. Hello Annie! Now, to that brushing!


Back off Homeboy. I'm first!

I swear I could take a nap.


Thanks Mom! I feel better and I love that you made Dakota wait a day. It's about time he stopped pushing me around.