Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pups and Treats

I love my Boxers. We spoil them rotten with treats but are careful not to give too many. Don't want to spoil their appetite for dry dog food. But my husband is bad bad bad about it! Here they are eating treats.


Don't think I leave out my horses. They get plenty of carrots, field corn and treats too! This one appears to be the only picture I have of an equine eating a treat but they get them a LOT!


By the way, Annie wears the red collar and Sophie wears the blue one. So wanted me to clarify that item.


Scott W said...

So, tell me, who wears the blue collar and who wears the red collar?

Bill said...

...and Scott wears the leather collar. Glad we cleared all that up.

Somehow, those dogs seem to be maintaining their girlish figures. I'd like to know their secret.

It looks cold outside. Shouldn't that horsie be wearing a hoodie?

Daniela said...

Clearly these animals are being abused and we should report them to Animal Control promptly. JUST KIDDING! So, you're a spoiler..I knew I loved you..haha. Now all you have to do is start singing christmas carols in july and we could be twins...lOL

Trailboss said...

Bill, Dakota's picture was taken a while back. It's just the only one I have of him eating a treat, ya know a carrot.

Daniela, you are too funny. Were we separated at birth?

Scott W said...

If you start singing Christmas carols in July I am sending the men in the white coats.

dAAve said...

I like briefs too.
Or not.