Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hi Sophie! Sophie? Sophie?


What? Oh sorry Mom, I was daydreaming.


Doesn't this dog have the most beautiful eyes? I have never seen another Boxer with that color. They are usually dark brown, like Annie's.

I love my life!


Rhea said...

What sweet doggies! Love their eyes.

Nice to meet you! Found you through comments on Pioneer Woman's site. :o)

Bill said...

The eye color makes me suspect that there's a whitey in the woodpile.

Trailboss said...

Her momma was all white. Folks around here breed the white boxers and I don't know why. They look strange and they do not qualify to be registered. A boxer cannot be over 1/3 white in order to be AKC registered. I don't know how Sophie's momma got registered unless they didn't tell the truth. Don't really care tho! Love her to death.