Saturday, April 5, 2008

04 + 05 = 9 odd huh?

Steph and I decided to go for a much needed horseback ride today. We packed our lunch along with some water and diet colas and set off.

We stopped for a few minutes to rest our steeds. They decided to get in some lovin.


What is that in the woods?


I tried to get a nice shot of Stephanie but she wasn't having it. Silly girl.



This is the road that we live on. Isn't it neat? We might see 4 cars all day long go by. The people that do go by always wave. I love living in the country!


This is a better picture of our pond. Steph took it Friday morning while waiting for the school bus.


We rode for about 3 hours. I love riding my horse. It gives me so much joy. Just me, my mare and the glorious outdoors. Stephanie always wants to run Dakota. I prefer a nice slow walk myself. We rode through fields and trails......rode on the road which we both love. The sound of the horseshoes on the pavement is music to our ears.

We finally got back to the house and I snapped these pictures before I let Jones back into the pasture.


She was starting to look pretty good. I brushed her and she was shining and looking so pretty. But then...................I let her into the pasture and this happened


And she was all muddy again................sigh!



Scott W said...

And to think you used to love to hang out in gay bars. Those were the days!

Bill said...

I guess wearing chaps just isn't for gay bars anymore. By the way, how many of those chambray shirts do you have? Or is there just one favorite?

I think I got saddle sores just looking through these pictures.

Trailboss said...

Bill, I have 5 of those shirts. I wear one every day in the cool weather, around the house and to work. I told Steph to get a picture of me from the front but she never did. She is silly.

Bill said...

I look good in light blue. I need me one of them there shirts.