Friday, October 31, 2008

Shiver Me Timbers!

Aargguuuhhhh Ahoy Mates, Abby the Pirate here




I brought Abby some treats for Halloween. Lipstick candy, pumpkin straws that also make noise when you blow into them and the neatest troll-like zombie screaming creeper. She loved them all but none more than the screaming creeper.









Thanks Grandmother!


Is it time to go yet Mom?


I have my bag all ready to go. Papa Joe and Grandmother have already gave me some candy.


Is Rady home yet? Is he ready to go?

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Hey You, You There


Yea I'm talking to you.....let's play!




And down they go!


Allow me to smack you on top of your head!


You didn't tell me you were putting on your Halloween Mask Sophie.







They just look mean in that one!


Ok....nap time!

Happy Halloween

I took this picture last weekend just before sunset. Isn't it pretty?


It has nothing to do with my post today but I like it so there. It's Halloween! Lots of treat or treaters out tonight. I miss the days of taking my kids door to door. We used to go to a neighborhood called Cherokee. It was built in the 50's and the houses are really close together and they all really get into the spirit. Most residents sit on their front porches and truly enjoy the kids and all of the costumes. Stephanie got her fair share of candies from those fine folks.

Abby will be a pirate this year. She has her "Ahoy Maty" down pat. She came by last night while her parents visited a haunted house nearby our house. Can you believe that out in the middle of nowhere there is one of the most visited haunted houses around these parts? Anyway Abby was full of piss and vinegar as usual. She had a bite to eat then wanted ice cream. Well, what kind of Grandmother would I be if I denied that to my precious? She wanted Papa Joe to eat with her so that gave him an excuse to have a heaping bowl of chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. I was a good girl and didn't have any....caffeine don't ya know. Oh, and by the way, it still sucks not having any. Yes, I find every outlet to bitch about my caffeine free existence these days.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I can offically say......

That having no caffeine SUCKS! I didn't do well at all yesterday, in fact I said screw it. But on the way home I decided that I had best put on my big girl pants and go with it. I stopped at the store and got a 12 pack of Sprite and diet Sunkist Orange.....yum on the orange. When I got home Joe and Steph asked me if the orange had caffeine in it. I assumed it didn't but we all know what assuming does. So I got online and discovered much to my dismay that is does in fact contain caffeine. Damnit Janet (name that movie)! I switched to Sprite and went to bed early.

This morning I brought some Sprite with me to work and have been drinking it this morning. I got the regular, not diet Sprite. I thought that I deserved the good shit if I had to give up my cola for 3 damn days.

I am pleased however, to be able to report that as of now there is no headache! Knock on Wood please, thank you.

I know that I am being a complete baby about this but dadgum it, when a person has drank caffeine every day for more years than I care to admit it is hard, really hard. I am just glad that I gave up coffee 10 years ago. I can't have anything dark, cola, tea or coffee, that type of thing.

Have you ever had anyone bitch so much about a piss test? With the exception of the begrudged employee who pissed dirty in a test at work! At least I don't have that problem. See, one more thing I can find positive in an otherwise sucky day.

Oh, and to top off this very depressing post I went to the eye doctor yesterday. He changed my script in one eye for my contacts and now I can see better at a distance but I have to wear my reading glasses (which are cheapies from the Dollar Store and might I mention not very attractive) to see the computer or anything close up. Geez, I'll be thinking about what else I can rant about ok?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What the?

Abby had some more of her Fruit Loop straws while she was at our house this past weekend. These things are the weirdest straws I have ever seen.



She sucked milk out, ate part of the 'straw' and generally played with it.


Then I noticed something. She was not right. She started getting out of the chair and I swear it was like she had been sucking whiskey from the glass.


I quickly checked the glass to assure there was no hanky-panky going on.


No, nothing but some Abby smudges on it. Whatever could it be? How was I going to explain this? Joe was apt to come walking in at any minute and Heaven forbid if he were to see his granddaughter like this. I quickly came up with a scheme. You all know I am good on my feet (or on my arse as in the New China caper).

Quick Abby, drink all of the "milk!"


Then we will hop in the bed and pretend to take a nap. Well, I will pretend, you will more than likely pass out.

I decided to try one more thing. I tasted the milk. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was just plain ole 2% milk. Whew! I told Abby that was a close one. Of course Abby being Abby just looked at me like "Grandmother, really!"


I am thinking of sneaking the Fruit Loop straws directly into the trash before she comes over again. I can't handle any more scares like this!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Love is in the air!

Joe was able to get these pictures of my babies the other day. I just love the way horses interact with each other.







Dakota was lying down also but got up as Joe was coming up the hill. I would have loved to have had a picture or two of both lying down. As it is it looks like Dakota is loving on Jones.

They make quite a pair don't they?

Steph and friends with the equines

Stephanie had a couple of good friends spend the weekend with us. Bonnie and Nicky, or Foghorn and Nicknack as I have dubbed them. Bonnie burps like a foghorn hence the nickname, Nicky is just a doll so I call her Nicknack cause it's cute. Anyway, they wanted to ride Dakota Saturday morning. Bonnie had never ridden before and was more than a bit nervous when Steph was explaining everything to her. Stephanie has to get really technical with stuff, it's just the kind of girl she is!

Here she is telling Bonnie all about the headstall and bit and what it all does. Foghorn really doesn't need to know all of that though because you can bet that she will not let Steph's hand come off of that lead rope for anything once she gets on Dakota!



See, you simply put your leg in the stirrup by putting it almost above your head and swing up. It's no problem really.


Whatever Steph.

Oh, and don't step in the horse poop.



Teenagers kill me. Here is the novice rider texting while on the horse. I can only imagine what she would do behind the wheel of a car!



Meanwhile, Nicknack put Jones in the back pasture so she wouldn't get in the way.


Foghorn had a good time riding. She talked on her cellphone, texted and talked. Jones however was not a happy camper in the back pasture. She wanted in on the action.




Heh! Can a girl get some respect? Where's the love?


Then Jones did what most females do when they don't get their way.

Just piss on it!