Thursday, October 16, 2008

Harvest Time

It is harvest time in my neck of the woods. Actually the farmers have been harvesting for a few weeks now. Most of the corn is neatly packed away in nearby silos or already sold to God knows who. The soybeans are the ones getting the attention now.

We have soybean fields all over my area. Up until today, when we finally got some MUCH needed rain, the fields were very spooky. All it would take is a single spark or cigarette butt to ignite an entire field threatening homes and livestock alike. Why, just the other day a field very close to me caught fire from a baler's spark. Thankfully I spotted it on the way home and single handily extinguished all of the flames saving all of the homes in my small community. Ok, well I actually did try to call Joe at home to see if he knew about it and while I was on the phone I was honked at by the large pickup truck behind me. Seems I was blocking the entrance to the field that was on fire. Oops.

When Abby and I were roaming the property Sunday I got a couple of up close and personal pictures of the soybeans. They are really pretty neat looking.


To think of all the things that are made from soybeans is incredible. What? Name them? Uh, well, I just couldn't. I, uh, I don't want to sound like a know-it-all.


Although I do like soy milk once in a while but it has to be ice cold. My brother uses it on his cereal since he is lactose intolerant. I used to drink it daily for medicinal purposes. Now I just take pills to control those ole hot flashes. Sorry guys but it happens to us women.

I hope that after the fields are harvested Winter Wheat is planted. That stuff is just beautiful. It is a rich color of green all winter long which is nice since everything else is brown.....just brown. Then just before it is ready to harvest in early Spring it turns to such a lovely and gorgeous brown. If that happens I will be sure to get more pictures of the fields since this past year's pictures deemed to be quite popular.


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

It's a beautiful time of the year even though things are starting to go to sleep for the winter.

Nice post.


Zanejabbers said...

Doesn't tofu come from Soy Beans. I love dried a salted soy beans. Now they call it salted edame. ???

Zanejabbers said...

Doesn't tofu come from Soy Beans. I love dried a salted soy beans. Now they call it salted edame. ???

Scott W said...

Body Care Products
Composite Materials
Diesel Additives
Fabric Conditioner
Hair Conditioners
Hair Styling Aids
Hand Cleaners
Paint Removers
Then there are the food items.

* Soy Protein
* Soybeans (canned and dry)
* Soymilk (Soy Milk), Fortified
* Soy Beverages
* Soy Dairy Free Frozen Desserts
* Soy Meat Alternatives
* Soy Nut Butter
* Soy Oil
* Soy Pasta
* Soy Tempeh
* Soy Tofu
* Textured Soy Protein

The list is really endless. I was surprised how much is made from soy. Google is so convenient!

Pam said...

Who needs Google - we have Scott!
Alot of rice farmers here in my area plant Soy beans as well.

Trailboss said...

Soy Nut Butter? I think Scott is a nut butter!

peanut said...

Loved the photos of "horse mouth."
I can smell that wonderful horse breath !

So glad you enjoy taking pictures because I sure enjoy seeing them.

Have a marvelous weekend TrailBoss !

Bill said...

Scott is wrong.
The only thing that is made from soy beans is soy sauce.