Monday, October 27, 2008

Steph and friends with the equines

Stephanie had a couple of good friends spend the weekend with us. Bonnie and Nicky, or Foghorn and Nicknack as I have dubbed them. Bonnie burps like a foghorn hence the nickname, Nicky is just a doll so I call her Nicknack cause it's cute. Anyway, they wanted to ride Dakota Saturday morning. Bonnie had never ridden before and was more than a bit nervous when Steph was explaining everything to her. Stephanie has to get really technical with stuff, it's just the kind of girl she is!

Here she is telling Bonnie all about the headstall and bit and what it all does. Foghorn really doesn't need to know all of that though because you can bet that she will not let Steph's hand come off of that lead rope for anything once she gets on Dakota!



See, you simply put your leg in the stirrup by putting it almost above your head and swing up. It's no problem really.


Whatever Steph.

Oh, and don't step in the horse poop.



Teenagers kill me. Here is the novice rider texting while on the horse. I can only imagine what she would do behind the wheel of a car!



Meanwhile, Nicknack put Jones in the back pasture so she wouldn't get in the way.


Foghorn had a good time riding. She talked on her cellphone, texted and talked. Jones however was not a happy camper in the back pasture. She wanted in on the action.




Heh! Can a girl get some respect? Where's the love?


Then Jones did what most females do when they don't get their way.

Just piss on it!



Syd said...

Those mares! Funny though. I like seeing photos of your horses.

Bill said... go, Jones!

peanut said...

Dear TrailBoss,

what a wonderful life you have.
beautiful horses, dogs, kids, etc.

Good for you ! I am happy for you all.

And, I love to enjoy it all with you through your photos and commentary.

thank you

Scott W said...

LOL Piss and poop in the same post! Love it!

Bill said...

Your brother is such a potty-brain.