Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just Lovely

Ok, you all know how much I love my dogs. Especially my Annie. She is very special. Annie has been sleeping with me lately most every night. Last night was no exception. As I turned off everything in the house getting ready to retire for the night Annie followed me into the bedroom and quickly jumped up on the bed to assume her place. And that was how it was, me on my side of the bed and Annie wherever she wanted to be!

I woke up about 2:30, actually my bladder woke up, I just followed with it. As I crawled out of my wonderfully comfortable and warm bed, my bare foot landed into something cold and wet. I immediately cursed and reached over to turn on the lamp. There it was........old, cold puke. Barf, throwup, hurled dinner right there where I was sure to step into it. Needless to say I hopped into the bathroom (nice picture huh?) and cleaned off my foot. Along the way I noticed yet another large pile. Annie was nowhere to be found. Apparently she tried to wake me up in order to go outside and hurl but I didn't wake up. So really, how could I be mad at her? And also, she is just a dog, it's not like she knows to go to the toilet and hurl right?

I got to thinking about what had made her sick? I bought them some canned food but didn't give it to them yet because when I got home from work they were both eating and I didn't want to disturb them. Whatever could have made my sweet girl so sick?


Man, I hope this doesn't make me throw up tonight!


Mom would be upset if she stepped in my puke.





Yea, that's right. I forgot about all of the playing that took place before bedtime. Guess next time I'll need to remember huh?


MichelleSG said...

Playing, are you serious? But they do that like 24/7 why would that upset her tummy? Did they do it that close to feeding time? I am so paranoid about bloat the doggies aren't allowed to romp at all near to when bellies are full. I've seen too many cases of gastric torsion. Man that's a nasty thing to treat. Be happy she puked, the alternative is much worse!

Cat said...

Oh that is the worste but look on the bright side it was'nt cold poop!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. I'm talking about Annie. No, she could not help it, too bad they cannot just tell us when they don't feel well! Every time mine pukes hubby wants to run her to the vet! I said if I just got sick would you run me to the hospital? dogs puke! Maybe she drank too much pond water? Hope she is feeling better, for her sake and yours! Rude awakening for sure.

Scott W said...

Gastric torsion? I need to Google that item. Poor baby girl.

Randi said...

We've got two large dogs too (and one medium sized one) and the to puppies wrestle CONSTANTLY! I'll have to try to get some photos/video of it....they look like very sweet dogs that you have!