Monday, July 26, 2010

Is it over yet?

The summer that is. It has been so hot in my neck of the woods for the past few weeks that it is hard to be able to do anything outside unless it is just before the sun comes up or just before it goes down.

I looked over at the indoor/outdoor thermometer on the table next to where I was sitting yesterday about 3:30 and it registered 100 degrees. WHAT?? When will it end? It was at that moment that Joe choose to take the girls and himself out to the garden to tie up some tomatoes. I thought to myself "you are insane!"

While he was outside doing this and that I started cooking dinner. Paula Deen's Chicken that we Love, that's what I call it anyway. It is so easy and delicious. In fact I just had some leftovers along with a salad for lunch today. Speaking of cooking, Stephanie is starting to explore my recipes these days and has even made one the other night for dinner. She has separated the ones we have had and made a new bunch for what we need to have. The pile seems to be growing on the latter. She asked me to bring some folders from work so she can get them organized. I am glad to see her doing this. I feel that the younger a person learns how to cook the better it is. I didn't learn how until I was in my 20's. Mom tried to get me interested but I never was. Steph loves to eat and wants to start trying new things. She is actually allowing her taste buds to explore all kinds of things that she usually wouldn't touch with a 10' pole. We finally got her to realize that our taste buds change ever so many years and she is realizing there are lots of things that she now likes. Now, if I can just get her to like onions cooked in things! She and Joe do not like onions. It makes it hard to cook sometimes.

I had thoughts a few years ago that she might want to learn to be a chef. I still think it is something that she would enjoy but she is so undecided on what she wants to do. Truth be known I think she is afraid to grow up. To assume the responsibility that comes with it. I guess I can't say that I blame her in a way though. Things are so much more difficult now days than what I remember.

I haven't been able to use the computer at work for posting lately and by the time I get home I am just so tired of looking at a computer screen it is the last thing I want to do. Therefore my posts have been very infrequent lately. Hopefully I will get better.

Meanwhile, I am dealing with this heat (like everyone else around here). Yall take care and stay cool!

Friday, July 16, 2010

It didn't work

My tease with the flowers didn't work. My sweeties still have not come to see me. But I did get to see them!

Joe spent a week in Ohio earlier this month. I drove him to Shepardsville to meet Amy where she could take him the rest of the way. Boy did I have a surprise when we got there. Amy brought 2 of my 3 grand babies with her! Mia and Aubriella!

We met in the parking lot of a Blockbuster's Video store. I had not even thought of the possibility of her bringing them with her so I didn't think of bringing my camera with me. I took a few pictures with my phone though. In fact one is still my wallpaper.

We visited for about 15 minutes and then were on our way. I was anxious to get home since I was 4 hours from home. Joe spend a week there helping with the kids while Amy went to NYC on a business trip. He is home now and had a good time.

It is so hot here my coworker just told me that he got really sick last night and this morning. He works in the warehouse (somewhere I try to stay away from in this heat) driving a forklift and apparently got too hot yesterday. This heat is dangerous. In fact our last safety meeting at work was about heat stress and how to look for it on yourself or a fellow worker.

We are eating like crazy out of our garden. Joe didn't plant as much this year. No corn because our deer neighbors seem to like to eat it just before we pick an ear. We have bought some at the local farmer's market however and it is great. Speaking of that, I really need to stop today and get some more corn and peaches. OMG....some of the peaches grown around these parts are wonderful!

So, what have you guys been up to?