Friday, July 16, 2010

It didn't work

My tease with the flowers didn't work. My sweeties still have not come to see me. But I did get to see them!

Joe spent a week in Ohio earlier this month. I drove him to Shepardsville to meet Amy where she could take him the rest of the way. Boy did I have a surprise when we got there. Amy brought 2 of my 3 grand babies with her! Mia and Aubriella!

We met in the parking lot of a Blockbuster's Video store. I had not even thought of the possibility of her bringing them with her so I didn't think of bringing my camera with me. I took a few pictures with my phone though. In fact one is still my wallpaper.

We visited for about 15 minutes and then were on our way. I was anxious to get home since I was 4 hours from home. Joe spend a week there helping with the kids while Amy went to NYC on a business trip. He is home now and had a good time.

It is so hot here my coworker just told me that he got really sick last night and this morning. He works in the warehouse (somewhere I try to stay away from in this heat) driving a forklift and apparently got too hot yesterday. This heat is dangerous. In fact our last safety meeting at work was about heat stress and how to look for it on yourself or a fellow worker.

We are eating like crazy out of our garden. Joe didn't plant as much this year. No corn because our deer neighbors seem to like to eat it just before we pick an ear. We have bought some at the local farmer's market however and it is great. Speaking of that, I really need to stop today and get some more corn and peaches. OMG....some of the peaches grown around these parts are wonderful!

So, what have you guys been up to?


Karen said...

I just realized, I'm not following you. On your blog that is. So I signed up:)

Glad you're enjoying your summer. And I'm envious that you have corn already. Ours doesn't come into season for a few more weeks, and the peaches too.

Carol said...

I agree about peaches, I'm from Ohio and they know their peaches. Now I'm in NH around the corner (that means about 3 miles away) from a family run U-pick farm. I just saw peaches go up on their sign, I will be there in the morning!

Peruby said...

I recall working in an office of a lumber company back in the 80's and the summers for the guys out in the lumberyard were horrible. We had a 7-Eleven next door and they would go over and just get bag after bag of ice. I felt so bad for them.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Work, bible school, taking care of old folks.

The stuff from the farmer's market this year has been fabulous, no? We picked a cantaloupe out of the garden yesterday. Yea!

Bill said...

The heat here in Richmond has been wretched this summer, like most places. It was in the upper 90's when I was up on the St. Lawrence River near Canada last week, and the heat was terrible there, too!
Your flowers seem to be okay with it, though. They look beautiful.

Scott W said...

Ooooh, you should grow cantaloupes!

Trailboss said...

We did one year So but the rabbits got to them first. I love them right out of the garden, nice and warm. Yummmmmm