Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008


Awwwwwwww..........a 3 day weekend. A much needed item for myself. I don't have any pictures today but will have some of my new grand babies after their visit this weekend. I need to ask their mommy and daddy if it's ok to post their pics since they are so little bitty.

The kids are supposed to arrive in Kansas sometime this afternoon, before I get home from work. I can't wait to gather up the little twins and smell that baby smell, watch them look at me like I have horns growing out of my head. You know, how babies look at the world. The wonder and innocence in their eyes. **Sigh**

As far as I know they are having dinner at my house tonight. I am hoping Joe makes his famous salt steak. OH MY GOSH!! Talk about wonderful. Everyone in the family loves it. It is round steak cut by the local butcher about the width of Joe's thumb, about 2". He seasons it and puts pickling salt all over it (hence the name) for a while and then grills it. It cooks to an amazing goodness of medium to medium rare steak with juice galore. It is Heavenly. We usually fix Rice A' Roni, baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and rolls.

I am looking so forward to this evening. Family all around, new babies, my precious Abby (of course). It should prove to be a great evening.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday at home



The evening started out with a beautiful sunset. Then I had to fetch Annie from outside. She was trying to hide from me. Silly dog.



Hey Sis! Let's play!


Bring it on!







What have I gotten myself into????







That one is a bit blurry but let me tell you, that dog is FAST!

As per the course in my home, a good time was had by all. The pups settled down for a nap and Stephanie watched a little TV.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

M&M's and faces!

I can't take enough pictures of my precious. I imagine yall are getting just about sick of me talking about her but you'll get over it. HA! Her Papa Joe bought her favorite candy......MM's as mine and So's Mam-Maw used to say.


She ate away and what was so cute was that every time she had a yellow one she gave it to her Papa Joe. After all, like she and I said, it matched the yellow flower that she had picked the evening before for him.


There's another yellow one Grandmother. That is Papa Joe's!

I'll make a face first, then take it to Papa Joe!


Works for me Abby. More faces please?



Be sure to note the M&M's on her sit n' spin. How clever of my precious.


We actually did eat breakfast before she ate the M&M's. As usual Abby was in charge of the eggs.

Did someone say eggs?


I got it Papa Joe. I love that about having a granddaughter, she can take over when we get tired or don't want to mess with something. I am sure that she could have cooked the entire breakfast because, after all, she can do anything!

For now though, we will stick to the eggs!


Talk about an intense look!





We had a fine breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. Abby buttered the toast. I went back after her (she didn't know it) and took off a LOT of the butter because she acted like she was making a peanut butter sandwich!

Afterwards we played a while and had a grand time, as usual. I love my life!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dye jobs all over!

Apparently Abby was quite impressed with Cousin It and his visit yesterday because she decided she wanted to have a neon afro too.


Gimme that Papa Joe. You are silly looking.


I think I will need these too. After all, one has make sure the outfit is complete and everyone knows that yellow heart shaped sunglasses are the bomb.


Thank you Papa Joe. I couldn't have done it without you (she just told him that to make him feel needed, we all know that the LOML can do ANYTHING!).


Fun fun fun!!




Enough of that! It makes my head itchy.

Are the dogs getting into it too?


Let's just see what we can do.

Papa Joe, you grab one ok?


This is gonna be fun!!


Ha ha! The ole sneak attack!


We'll get them when they least expect it.



Now THAT is funny!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Awwwwwwwww the weekend

We had a fabulous weekend. No doubt because my precious was here but we had an unexpected guest. Do yall remember Cousin It? Well, he came to visit and I just didn't know what to think about his new dye job.

First he came in waving and stuff. Like we would be fooled by that!


Then he just got weird.


He then decided to scoop up the LOML!!!


Then it just got funny!


I know Abby, he's weird but we have to be nice to all people, even if they are weird.....and really really funny looking.


Soon, Cousin It was called back to his home (thank goodness!). I must admit, he kinda scared me a bit!

Saturday, August 23, 2008 never know what he is going to do!

And that's the truth. Sometimes he runs and bucks and farts, sometimes he is only interested in Annie and telling her secrets but there is one thing you can count on from him. He is a BULLY!


It looks like Annie is wanting to chat with Jones for a bit.


Me me me, it's all about me! Ignore the pretty mare. I am the important one.


Then he turns into the Hulk, aka the bully.


When I was looking at this mare I told the owner that we had a very dominant gelding at home. She assured me this mare would take care of him and rule the pasture. Uh, NOT. I bought a horse last year, a very nice gaited saddle horse but Dakota ruined him. I guess it didn't help that we had a little filly also (Joe's idea, the horse was beautiful but had never been handled). The saddle horse I bought was beautiful and had wonderful gaits. His name was Jasper. But, as you can see, he couldn't tackle big ole Dakota.


Here's another picture of my sweet boy.


This is Son, my daughter's first horse. He taught her so much and she learned to ride on him. He was the best riding horse I have ever been one. I miss him.

Steph loving Son

Steph on Son 4

Here is Dakota watching over his beloved Jetty, the filly I was talking about.

Dakota & Jetty

Jasper and Son buddied up really quick. After all, ole bully was "in love" with the filly.


One of Steph's best friends, Nicki, fell in love with Son. If she had somewhere to keep him I was willing to give him to her but alas, she didn't have anywhere.


Here is a pretty decent picture of Jetty. Isn't she beautiful?


She was only 3 years old and would have made a great horse for Abby but I was not about to put my precious on a horse that had not been handled at all. Even if she did go to the trainer I would have never trusted her with Abby.

Speaking of my precious look at this. It was taken last winter. Someone loves her Graaaaandmother!!

Copy of DSC01463