Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Horses love treats too!

Everyone knows that dogs love their treats. I have posted about it a few times right here. Horses love them as well. I mean, let's face it. Who doesn't like them?

Stephanie and I put some grain in the drum the other day and the horses had that look in their eyes. I admit it has been a while since I have given them any treats. When I opened the door to the barn there is was, sitting atop square bales of hay, a container of yummy horsey treats!

Naturally the girls were 'Johnny on the Spot' and insisted on having some themselves.


Did someone say treats?


It looks like Annie (on the left) is saying "treats, treats, must have treats." And Sophie (on the right) is saying "yo PimpDaddy, can ya bend over my way with that treat?"


Meanwhile the ones that really deserved horsey treats refused to be ignored!


Good gosh Mom. You forgot to open the dadgumed thing.


Let's see, if I grab it this way surely it will spill it's goodness.




Hey Jones! You had better get your big butt over here and help if you want any treats!


OK, quit being such a bully Dakota.





Finally when he was just about to bite it and start tossing the bottle I stepped in and took over. They both got their fair share of goodies.

My my Miss Jones. Are you getting a bit fiesty? Look at those pinned back ears!


Actually come to find out it wasn't her fault. That gelding was being a bully again and biting at her like he always does. Apparently he had to fight for his food at one time in his life and if someone else is getting the attention and/or food he demands them to leave via a large bite on the rump.

Hey Annie! Lick my face off please.



And by the way Annie I strongly suggest that you keep your pushed in nose out of my treats or else you're next.

We never know what our animals are communicating about. Kinda scary in a way don't you think?


Zane-nawwaa said...

Can you imagine what they think about us?

Pony Girl said...

I feed those treats, too! ;)
I would love to know what they think of each other....horses and goats and dogs and cats...they are obviously aware of each other's existance and communicate with each other via non-verbal communication, but do they understand that the others are animals too, and that those other animals are different from humans?

Scott W said...

I ♥ treats!