Tuesday, August 26, 2008

M&M's and faces!

I can't take enough pictures of my precious. I imagine yall are getting just about sick of me talking about her but you'll get over it. HA! Her Papa Joe bought her favorite candy......MM's as mine and So's Mam-Maw used to say.


She ate away and what was so cute was that every time she had a yellow one she gave it to her Papa Joe. After all, like she and I said, it matched the yellow flower that she had picked the evening before for him.


There's another yellow one Grandmother. That is Papa Joe's!

I'll make a face first, then take it to Papa Joe!


Works for me Abby. More faces please?



Be sure to note the M&M's on her sit n' spin. How clever of my precious.


We actually did eat breakfast before she ate the M&M's. As usual Abby was in charge of the eggs.

Did someone say eggs?


I got it Papa Joe. I love that about having a granddaughter, she can take over when we get tired or don't want to mess with something. I am sure that she could have cooked the entire breakfast because, after all, she can do anything!

For now though, we will stick to the eggs!


Talk about an intense look!





We had a fine breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. Abby buttered the toast. I went back after her (she didn't know it) and took off a LOT of the butter because she acted like she was making a peanut butter sandwich!

Afterwards we played a while and had a grand time, as usual. I love my life!


J-Online said...

how in the world could anyone get sick of that precious child!

Jen said...

We have the same kitchen chairs....and Abby is just a doll making breakfast. So cute. We had M&M's in the washing machine yesterday...aghhhhh...someone left them in their pocket....
I have stripped sheets for years...I think I get it from momma....

Trailboss said...

Joe got the chairs from that last place that had the furniture at the back of the mall. I don't think there is a store there now, just a big ole empty store.

And you're right j-online...noone could get tired of my precious!!

Syd said...

She is a cutie for sure. What a great smile!

coffeypot said...

Where did you find the candy W&Ws?

melissa said...

Wow, she sure does have some beautiful baby blues! It's nice to see everyone so happy!
Nothing makes my heart melt than to see a grampy and grandchild together.

Scott W said...

And some boiled ones for snacking!

Karen said...

You're so blessed to have her, and vice versa;) What is it about kids and cracking eggs? If I gave my daughter a couple dozen eggs to break, she'd be happy as can be!

That Abby is a honey:)

Zanejabbers said...

NEVER tooooo many pictures of your sweet little Abby. Your meals always sound so gooooooooood. Take it easy Granny Goose.

Tina Leigh said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My Package (aka granddaughter) keeps me busy so I dont blog as much any more. I see you have plenty to keep you busy too. Wow dont puppys and grands make life worth living!

pat said...

I can't wait to have these moments with my own granddaughter.