Monday, August 18, 2008

How does your garden grow?

Well, ours grew pretty well until about 1 week ago. We kind of need some rain, don't ya think?



Our corn didn't do well at all this year. I have been buying it from a local market on the way home from work. Yum yum. In fact we might have some tonight with supper depending on how well Joe is feeling. He has had a stomach bug for a few days now.

I did however, manage to get some more goodies from the sad sad garden.


Isn't that just the most colorful picture? It's times like this, when I took this picture, that I am very thankful I have no close neighbors. Can you imagine seeing a woman standing on the back of a golf cart taking pictures?

I took the squash and cut it in long spears, mixed them in a batch of Olive Oil, salt, pepper and stirred them around to pick up all the goodness of the mixture then put them in a foil pouch. To that pouch I added 3 tabs of butter, sealed it and Joe grilled it next to some marinated chicken breasts. Oh My! Talk about goooooooood. Thankfully I had enough to bring to work today and I swear it was better today than last night. There is just something so cool about going out to the garden, picking some vegetables and eating them the same day. I also made cucumber and onion salad. No one else in my family eats cucumber or onion so I have it all to myself!

How many of you fine folks put a garden out each year?


Ferndoggle said...

I tried a garden for a couple of summers but it was always pretty pitiful! Now I just join the local CSA farm & get fresh veggies once a week!!


Scott W said...

Don't you have garden hoses up there? Seems I remember having to water all those damned fruit trees growing up.

Trailboss said...

Yes So, we have garden hoses but our well has been acting up and we were using as little water as possible. Now the well is fixed but we still haven't watered because we are just about tired of dealing with the garden.

You and Mike sure got the bum deal out of chores when we were growing up. I was probably riding LuckyPony whenever you were watering those useless trees. The only tree that was worth having in my opinion was that apple tree that had the best green apples I have ever eaten.

Karen said...

I don't have much of a green thumb when it comes to veggies. Wish I did, because I love to eat them! I'm planning a rose garden for our new place. Contrary to what some folks believe, roses are so easy to grow. They're just about my speed.

The Wades said...

My husband only planted tomatoes this year, but they all died when we went on vacation. Sob Sob!

Anonymous said...

Since it's been really cool (70's) these last two weeks our garden hasn't done much at all. I was picking over a dozen tomatoes each night, but now I'm lucky to get 2.
I hear you about getting tired of the garden. Last year I didn't even want to step foot in it. I'd finish weeding and the next day it would be full again. This year we put black plastic down and straw over that so NO WEEDS!!!

Trailboss said...

Joe usually will run his tiller through the rows to keep the weeds down but when he felt like doing it the weather was way too hot. Now that the weather is much better he has been sick w/a stomach bug. But amazingly enough we still continue to get tomatoes, squash and peppers. Works for me!

margie said...

everything looks dry where you are. we have had the wettest summer ever and ahem, weather person out there, sun would be a little help to get a green tomato red. you live in kentucky. it is my 90 year old mother's dream to go to the derby. every year she laments that she may soon be too old to go.

Jan Blawat said...

Lucky person that I am, I live in rural California and I'm surrounded by 400 acres of veggies that are grown for a roadside stand that's practically in my back yard. So I don't bother to grow them anymore. I do grow flowers, though, and they've been great this year. Today for work I brought green beans, steamed just a little. I eat them like snacks. And cherry tomatoes.