Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today is a new day!

Thanks yall for your sweet comments yesterday. They really did make me feel better. But today is a new day and I get to go into town in a while and fetch my baby! Well, she's not a baby but she is the LOML. Joe and I are going to go by Learning Railroad first and get some things for her. It's time she started learning! Her mommy has done a great job so far. She says her abc's and knows her numbers up to, well I don't know how far she gets but it is a long way for a 3 yr old. I think she takes after me. he he

Last night I went up to see my horses and of course took the girls with me. It made for some interesting photos, mostly of the skies.




Then I changed the settings on my camera and came up with these.




Amazing what a change in setting can do for pictures.

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Scott W said...

And you didn't have to go for the geographical cure.