Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sickness in the air

I am still struggling with a cold and now Steph has it and Joe is feeling puny too. She was able to do her volunteer work at the animal shelter today though. I don't think there is much that would prevent her from doing that. The little girl puppy Nala that I spoke about last week didn't make it. She had been sick with a respiratory problem. She had a home to go to, they were just waiting for her to get better but she didn't make it. Poor thing. Is it so sad to hear the stories about the various animals that end up at the shelter. I told Steph that at least little Nala was taken care of during her time there, was loved on and never went hungry or cold. I don't guess the population will ever get the pet responsibility. There will always be some that don't care. At least most of the animals that come into the shelter do find a home. Steph told me that a man came in this morning to adopt a dog. He had just lost his dog and was very emotional about it. He ended up adopting a sweet dog and the volunteers were very happy for him. It's stories like This that keep their hopes up for the dogs and cats.

When we got home Steph took some Claridin D and Tylenol for her headache. We were going to go out to eat tonight but needless to say that has been nixed. I laid out some chicken breasts to make chicken fried chicken but I think that will wait until tomorrow. Or I will do something else with them. No one has much of an appetite tonight.

Ryan has a date tonight with one of the hostess' at Red Lobster where he works. He is excited about it. He has had his eye on this girl for a few weeks now and is happy to be able to get to know her better. He has also renewed an old friendship with a girl that our family is crazy about. His first teenage love...Olivia. They dated for a year in high school. She is a great influence in his life and I am excited that they are friends again.

I am seeing my son make new friends and get real satisfaction from his job. He loves this job and excels in it. Every time I have talked with him this past week he has been sober and fun to talk to. I really enjoyed visiting him at his new apartment the other evening after work. It was one of those things where you don't realize how long you've been there because you are enjoying yourself so much. That was how it was. It was great. Great to see him like he is. Eyes clear, big smiles on his face when he shared stories about his work. I swear I don't think there is anything in the world better than to see one's child starting to 'get it.' He is realizing just how good life can be if he stays sober. Now that my friends is just about as good as it gets. At least in my little world.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

He's making day at a time


I stopped by Ryan's new apartment yesterday after work and was I ever surprised. It is very cute and just what he needs. It came furnished which is good since he has zero furniture, towels, wash cloths etc. We just have to overlook the fact that the furniture had to have come from the Bates is just that old (and ugly!) but it is what he needs. And the sofa is actually very comfortable! The tv doesn't work because no one can get local channels like we used to be able to without a box. Doesn't that suck? Who's bright idea was that anyway? But he doesn't need a tv. He only needs what he has.

It is located right off of the Tennessee River which will make it a fun place to live if and when the weather ever gets warmer (which I am beginning to think will NEVER happen). He will be able to fish, throw rocks, meditate or whatever makes his skirt fly up for that day (he doesn't really wear skirts, at least in public).

He has met a lot of new people at his new job. From what he says they sound like some good ones. All ages too. I am hoping one of the older ladies takes a shine to him and 'mothers' him. I always did that when I worked in insurance. They always appreciated it too. He has had several compliments from the patrons about his upbeat attitude and just what a good job he was doing. Some of then even want to speak to the manager and tell him what they think.

I could see the pride in his face when he was telling me all about how he performs his job. He tries to be himself and treat the guests (as he calls them) like he would want to be treated. He can't stand it if a guest's drink goes dry. The manager and some other servers have told him that he doesn't have to go at 150% all of the time and he tells them that is how he rolls. When he is into something, into that zone, he is that way. This will serve him well with this job. As long as he can keep his head straight and sober I think he will be there for a long time.

I feel that he is getting what he needs. He enjoys doing a good job and since he is being paid quite well (tips) and being complimented for doing his job he is getting the reassurance that he is doing what he needs to do. It is showing in his pride of the job and just overall in his attitude. He has not had any pity parties with me at all. Of course he knows I won't stand for them. He is accepting that he is the one that messed up and got himself to this point. His landlord is an 80 something year old lady he met when he was living at the homeless shelter. She goes to the shelter to get people to work odd jobs for her. He was remembering how he met her last night while we were talking and he kind of got a solemn look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he said "oh nothing, just that I can't believe I ever lived there. But it was my fault, my fault and if I had not been there I would have never met Mrs. Potterbaum. I will never live there again, I'll make sure of that."

When I pulled out of the driveway to go home I had a smile on my face. I was feeling the pride of a mother who just might be seeing her son in a good place. If I'm not mistaken that smile stayed on my face all the way to Kansas. In fact, it has been on my face the entire time I have been typing this. I like it that way.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There's no place like home

Joe is finally on his way home after almost 2 weeks in Ohio helping Amy and her family move. Let me tell you he is a happy man. He is SO ready to get back home.

I told the pups this morning that their Daddy will be here soon. They still wanted to go with me to work. Since he has been out of town I have taken the dogs with me everywhere I go on the weekends. With Patty only being a puppy she has naturally associated me getting my purse with bye-bye time. She starts whimpering, jumping, whining, talking and curling every time I pick it up. It really is quite cute. I was glad that I could let her know that today Daddy will be home so things can get back to normal.

Every time I get back home after being away for a few days it is always so nice. Nice to be home. Because really, there is no place like home. Literally. At least for me. I'm sure it is that way for most people. Your own bed, your own bathroom, your own kitchen and your favorite chair. I can't imagine what it must be like for folks that do not have their own home. I just can't imagine it.

Tonight will be a great night. There will be smiles and hugs in Kansas. Tears and smiles. Happy dances will be in order. And of course a family hug. That will be the best. Joe, Steph and myself all hugging.

Yep, that certainly settles it......There's no place like home.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Monday

We had a nice weekend. I was able to spend a great deal of time outside just enjoying it. The pups had a ball as well. But it was just a tease. More cold days are in the near future, like this week.

Spending that time outside backfired on me. I have a terrible head cold. I hate to get these things. I woke up no telling how many times last night. Not the best way to get sleep for the upcoming work week.

I can't wait for spring. I, like everyone else around here, am so sick of this weather. I long for the green grass and the smell of fresh cut onions just after they have been mowed. I want to see the beautiful yellow finches that frequent our homestead every year.


See how cold and drab everything looks?



I am ready for some of this




Yep. Even I am ready to do some fishing, and I don't like fishing! But I do like watching my precious fish with her Papa Joe.


Come on spring!!! We're waiting for you!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello Mr Sunshine, please stay awhile!

Finally we have had some sunshine. It started Thursday and continues on today. It is so glorious to be outside and not need a heavy coat and gloves.

I took Steph to the animal shelter this morning. She is really enjoying her volunteer work. I think she would bring every one of the dogs home if she could. Especially her little Nala. That one has her heart.

The girls have been enjoying being outside today. Patty has taken to running around the house hoping Sohie will chase her. It proved to be quite comical.











Where's she go Mom?


There she is!



Look who was watching the entire show


"Ugh, dogs are so stupid"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Ok people. This is getting ridiculous. We are supposed to be having temperatures in the high 40's in this neck of the woods this time of the year. Not only are we staying in the 20's and 30's we continue to get that 4 lettered name that starts with S. If anyone says said 4 lettered name in my house they get their mouths washed out with gold Dial soap. Just like Ralphie. Ugh, who remember that horrible soap? My mother must have thought it was the best thing since sliced bread since that is the only soap I remember from my childhood. Yuk, spit, make me puke out my mouth. So, saying the "S" word is not recommended in my family. Of course my family now consists of 2 boxers that think they can talk but we can't understand them and one 18 yr old teenager girl who wouldn't say any 4 lettered word that started with anything in front of me. She just says the b-word, or the s-word. Lord, there is no telling what she says when she is with her friends. But I don't even want to go there.

Of all of us that have to be so sick of this "S" word must be Jones. The poor dear has to live in it.


"I appreciate the extra grain Mama, but this is really getting old."


I know dear Jones. "They" say it will be over in a month.



Saturday, February 13, 2010

My girls

I just love these babies. Duh, like you didn't know. Look at Patty trying to learn to pray


Sophie is looking at her like "what ARE you doing?"


"Can I get on the bed Mama?"


Of course my precious. She never asks, she knows she can get on any furniture in the house anytime she wants to. After all, isn't that what dogs do?

"Come on up's comfy!"



Gotta find just the right spot.




Yep, that's the plan. Find the right spot, lie down and wait for your sister to smell your butt.


Isn't that what dogs do?


I guess her butt didn't smell so good huh?


Patty is looking at it like eeewwwwwwww.

"Goodness sister, what have you been eating anyway?"




"It's like really nasty." "I'm not sure I can stay up here."


Apparently Patty changed her mind and just decided to move over away from the stinky butt.


Poor Sophie.



Pattikins, you owe your sister an apology.




Never mind silly girl. I'm sure your butt can be stinky too. I will leave it up to Sophie to determine that.

Friday, February 12, 2010

He's gone......on a bus......forever

Not true on the forever bit. Just about 2 weeks. Joe that is. He is headed to Ohio to see MY grandbabies. Dadgum him. I want to go. I want all of the hugs, kisses, smiles and giggles. But I will get my fair share when we go as a family the first week of April. Meanwhile HE get to have all of the fun. Dang it.

I'm just kidding of course. Well, he did leave but I am glad he is able to see everyone there. The kids are moving and he is going to help them move. He was in the moving business for 27+ years so he knows what he's doing.

Meanwhile Steph and I will eat all of the things that Joe doesn't like while he is gone. Chinese, shrimp and fettuccine and others that I can't think of right now. But his chair will be empty at the dinner table. We almost always eat at the table for dinner. I happen to think it is a good thing for families. Maybe I'll let Sophie sit there. Yes, that is a good idea.

Patty will have to get used to being crated for 10 hrs a day....poor baby. But don't worry, we have Kongs. Stuffed with cheese, treats and dog biscuits. Sometimes peanut butter (like this morning when I forgot to get a new can of cheese). We did that w/Annie and she loved it. Not to mention Patty sleeps on a huge comforter from Linens & Things. Not that she is spoiled at all. Hee hee. The crate is in the living room so she can see outside and her sister can be with her too. Dogs mostly sleep all day anyway so it will be fine.

Right before Joe got on the bus I teared up big time. I was on the phone w/him cause Beth and Abby took him to the bus station. He solved that right away though....he put my precious on the phone and I just lit up. Abby can make the worst day in the world go away instantly when I hear her precious voice. She told me she was playing a game at the bus station and she was playing really hard. I smiled for an hour after we hung up. In fact, I am smiling just typing this.

Thank goodness for cellphones. Also, thank you Stephanie for teaching your dad how to text. He loves it now. So, even though he will be many miles away he really won't be. After all, he is always in my heart. Always will be.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Syd wanted pictures so here we go!

When I went up to check on Jones this morning I, of course, took my camera. I did get some beautiful shots. I hope you enjoy.




I noticed Jones was looking at something. So I looked through my lens and guess what I saw?


Can you see them?



Aren't they gorgeous? We see deer so often out here in the country but there is something about seeing them frolic in the snow that is special.


Pardon me Mom but can you go ahead and get up here and break the ice in my trough please? A little bit of grain would go a long way on a brisk morning too.

Look at her when I walk through the gate. It's like "Dang woman, it's about time"


Awww Jones, you know I love ya' more than my luggage.

Well ok then


Grain please?


Guess I can't say that I blame her. I think I'd be wanting a bit of a sweet yummy thing right about now had I been out in the elements all night.



Can you see the bird in the dead tree just past the pond?


I love to sit on this bench and watch the horses, well horse now. I didn't necessarily feel the need today.



By now I was ready to get inside and warm up.


No one home there.

One more picture of the beautiful grass we have and time for the fireplace!


Guess who was waiting for me when I walked in the door.


Where ya been Mom? Sweet have my heart.