Friday, February 5, 2010


I had to retype the title of this post 3 times. Imagine that. We are supposed to get more snow tonight and Monday. What is going on? We are supposed to be going into spring about now. Grrrrrrrrrrr

Work has finally (for now) settled down to a more normal routine. The past few months have been very taxing for me. But I made it through it which is a good item. It is nice to not be so busy with more and more piles of work waiting. Plus it gives me more time for blogging!

Jones has settled down nicely since we sold Dakota. His new owner has been riding him as much as she can given the nasty and cold weather we have had since she bought him. I haven't talked to her yet but I just know she is enjoying her new baby. When the weather finally breaks I plan on riding Jones over there for a visit. I miss Dakota, we all do. He is such a friendly and vocal horse. But he has an excellent home so all is well.

Stephanie is wanting to volunteer at the local Humane Society. I have made the appropriate calls and am just waiting for them to tell us when she can start. She has to volunteer 40 hrs at a non-profit organization in order to graduate. She is tutoring at the elementary school which she loves but she has not been able to get enough hours in there so taking care of animals was next on her list. She loves animals (like her Mama). She watches Animal Planet all of the time and frankly is quite knowledgeable about all kinds of animals. I think she will really enjoy it.

I have wondered about Kimba lately. She is the boxer we attempted to adopt last year. You can read about it here . Maybe I'll call and find out if she was adopted. Poor baby. She has had a hard life but she is fortunate. She turned up in the backyard of someone who rescued her and they will find her a home or keep her the rest of her life.

This weekend will be a cold and wet one again. Thank goodness for my cozy home with my precious family. Oh, and my pups. I love those girls!


Jan Blawat said...

Do you watch Dog Whisperer? I don't even have a dog, but Cesar Millan's show is so interesting. I don't have a TV, I download it on

Trailboss said...

No Jan I have not seen it because we don't get it on our satellite system. I have never gone to, sounds like I need to check it out.

hulagirlatheart said...

I am so over the snow. It needs to stop. NOW.

Trailboss said...

Oh so true hula!

Anonymous said...

Getting ready for the big storm tonight. You guys are probably already getting it. I am glad all of your kritters are well. I think Steph would be great at the humane society but there is no way I could do it, too heart breaking! I can see Steph coming home every night with one under each arm! Aww Mom!

Scott W said...

Hula and hulu in the same comments section!