Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There's no place like home

Joe is finally on his way home after almost 2 weeks in Ohio helping Amy and her family move. Let me tell you he is a happy man. He is SO ready to get back home.

I told the pups this morning that their Daddy will be here soon. They still wanted to go with me to work. Since he has been out of town I have taken the dogs with me everywhere I go on the weekends. With Patty only being a puppy she has naturally associated me getting my purse with bye-bye time. She starts whimpering, jumping, whining, talking and curling every time I pick it up. It really is quite cute. I was glad that I could let her know that today Daddy will be home so things can get back to normal.

Every time I get back home after being away for a few days it is always so nice. Nice to be home. Because really, there is no place like home. Literally. At least for me. I'm sure it is that way for most people. Your own bed, your own bathroom, your own kitchen and your favorite chair. I can't imagine what it must be like for folks that do not have their own home. I just can't imagine it.

Tonight will be a great night. There will be smiles and hugs in Kansas. Tears and smiles. Happy dances will be in order. And of course a family hug. That will be the best. Joe, Steph and myself all hugging.

Yep, that certainly settles it......There's no place like home.


Karen said...

Sometimes I think it's worth going away, if only for the great feeling of coming home again. Welcome home, Joe!

Jonna said...

Hi! I've stopped by to read your blog a few times but never took the time to say hello :)

You and I have a lot in common! I live in Kentucky as well. I live in about as far east of Kentucky as you can get. I've lived in Johnson county most of my life. I love Ky!! :)

I also have two boxers! Mine are both males. Samson will be nine in July and Sawyer will be seven in June. I was so heartbroken to read of you losing Annie! I can only imagine how bad that was for you. I am happy to see the new addition to your home. Patty is adorable and reminds me of my Sawyer. Annie really looked a lot like my Samson!

I also have a son that reminds me so much of your son. It always amazes me how strong you seem with dealing with it all. I admire your strength and am slowly learning to deal with this hopefully the same way.

I will be checking back in. Hope you are well!!

Trailboss said...

Jonna.........welcome! I am so glad you said hello. It seems that we do indeed have a lot in common. It always amazing me to find people on the internet that have so many similar things going on.

I clicked on your name but it doesn't look like you have a blog. Give your boys a kiss from my 2 girls. Keep coming back!

Lou said...

I can picture Joe clicking his ruby slippers together!

Syd said...

Nice. Glad that he will be home.

Trailboss said...

Now there's a sight Lou!

Scott W said...

Who ordered the veal cutlet?

Daniela said...

That's awesome. Have a wonderful reunion...you both deserve it.

Her Big Sad said...

Don't know if I've commented before, but this made me smile! I bet he can't WAIT for that group hug! My DH and I enjoy seeing the pictures of your pups (and of course your precious!). You've living in a nice slice of heaven there! Someday we hope to have a piece of land and room and all the beautiful sights and sounds! anyway, enjoy your reunion!