Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday morning sucked but the weekend was good

As some of you know, I work in a very old warehouse. My office is located in the middle of the very old warehouse. I also work right off of the Ohio River.....literally yards from the river. Plus the temperatures have been quite frigid around these parts this winter. What's up with that anyway? Since it is cold and since our warehouse is a haven for critters that want to be warm, my office seems to be the place where the mice gather and have parties, sleepovers and whatnot when the lights go off. We keep plenty of bar bait down to kill the nasty things (sorry, I am deathly afraid of mice). But as most people know, mice populate worse than a welfare teenager which results in an never ending battle between me and the vermin.

I have been trying to remember to turn off my printer before I go home because the little shits get in there to stay warm. I can't say I blame them but they are nasty and leave little 'presents' for me. Thank you Mr and Mrs Mouse but I don't like your presents. Plus when you get into my printer you poop AND pee on my copy paper. Thus producing some really gross stuff for me to deal with the first thing when I come into work. Oh yes dear friends.....that was the way my Monday morning started.

I forgot to turn my printer off Friday so the parties went on all weekend with the mice and their little friends. Truth be told they probably got on my computer and watched the Saints beat the !@$*@&#$)@)& out of the Colts. So when one of my guys came in needing a copy of a bill for a driver guess what? My copier would not make a copy. The paper wouldn't pick up. So I bravely pulled out the paper tray to presents mixed in with a round piece of bar bait that looked, I swear it did, like a piece of Captain Crunch Peanut Butter cereal. Again, I bravely emptied out the nastiness, took out a few pieces of copy paper and blew out the bottom of the copier with my trusty canned air. After several attempts at making a copy and having the same results, blowing out every place I would think of on the copier (front, back, inside, underneath) it still wouldn't work. Finally it was discovered that the sticky roller that picks up the paper and advances it was covered bait. Thankfully my co-worker got it all off and after a battle that lasted at least 30 minutes I made a copy! Whoo hooo! It works ok now but good gosh....what a shitty way to start my morning.

I think we are going to get a kitten/cat to keep the vermin out. Heaven forbid there be a river rat in here. I don't know if I would be brave enough to come back to work after seeing something like that. I saw enough of those when I lived in Houston. Sorry Pam. I love Texas but working next to a bayou at the Galleria Plaza Hotel produced lots of cat looking rats and I saw way more than my fair share of them.

I did have a good weekend though. Stephanie worked 4 hours at the animal shelter. Joe took her and I picked her up. She texted me a dozen times about how she had fallen in love with one puppy in particular. She is a lab/golden mix and absolutely beautiful. Steph said she was scared to death of humans when she first got there. What did Steph do? Well, she did what I knew she would do and let her know that humans are her friend. When I picked her up here is what I saw.




Oh yes, the puppy is no longer afraid of people. That way when someone comes to adopt her, and by looking at her we all know she will be adopted, she won't be afraid and will say "take me, take me" when someone comes to her pen.

Steph said they have a boxer there too. He/she has a natural tail and is a brindle. It can't be adopted yet because apparently it came in after being, get this, dragged behind a vehicle. There are pending court items regarding what happened as well there should be. Damn people should be locked up and the key thrown away in my opinion. So for now the sweet boxer has a safe home and will be adopted out when things are over. Next weekend I plan on getting there earlier so I can see it.

She bathed a dog that was covered in it's own urine. She walked dogs and groomed a few too. She really really enjoyed it. I knew she would. She really needs to be around animals when she starts working. The women at the shelter were very impressed with how quickly she did everything and how well she did them. Of course, we're not surprised. This girl is meant to be around animals. What she really would be good at is ASPCA work rescuing abused animals. She watches Animal Cops all of the time and has learned so much. Plus gross things don't bother her. I mean, she hates to see it but she wants the one responsible to be arrested and not given any mercy. There's just no reason to mistreat animals. I just don't get it.

Oh, on the way home from town I took some pictues of Dakota at his new home. He was munching hay and looked quite content.




Yes, it was a good weekend. Let's hope Monday gets better.


Jan Blawat said...

For many years the office where I work - a very uptown sort of place where the women even wear dresses - had 5 dogs that would come in regularly. It certainly made it a cheery place to work. Then we got a new guy boss who didn't think that was "professional." Idiot.

Before that I worked for 13 years at a typography house that had a resident cat, for the same reasons you need one. The facilities were state of the art, but the building was next to a huge vacant field and the shipping door was not tight enough. She was always on the job, never bothered anything or anybody, she was great. I hope you find a nice cat for your building. If it's cold in there, you know the cat will be sleeping on the electronics also. But you can put a towel or bath rug over them at night to keep the cat hair out. Or better yet get one of those little heated kitty pads and leave it plugged in where you want the cat to sleep. I have one in my house and with 4 cats, there's always at least one on it, even in the summer.

Lou said...

I worked/studied at the downtown medical center in Houston, and after the spring floods we would find snakes...yikes, they came in with the water. I had never seen anything like it, and I never want too again..LOL

Not to be critical, the Texans more than made up for the critters..right, TB?

Trailboss said...

Oh indeed Lou. I miss Texas a lot. But, I have had enough of big cities, even though the last town I lived in was Alvin which is about the size of my small town, actually smaller. I just wanted to raise my son back home. Plus, had I never moved I would have never met and married my best friend!

Karen said...

It seems that a cat or two would solve your problem just fine.

Your daughter has a heart of gold. Pouring her heart into those critters so that they'll be able to find good homes, what a gift she is to them.

Syd said...

The little pup is really cute and Dakota looks happy with his hay. We have palmetto bugs here instead of mice.

Bill said...

I just got an invitation for a party at your office building tonight from a Stuart Little. I guess I should decline it.

Scott W said...

Bill, that is too funny! Maybe you can get a cat at Steph's shelter.

Can you plug the power source for the printer into your computer, so when you turn it off the printer will turn off, too?

Jen said...

I think I would have thrown up over the mice thing....I would get a cat down at the shelter where Stephanie is volunteering if I were you.

That dog is precious..I just cant look at hit too long or I will be down there trying to adopt....