Thursday, February 25, 2010

He's making day at a time


I stopped by Ryan's new apartment yesterday after work and was I ever surprised. It is very cute and just what he needs. It came furnished which is good since he has zero furniture, towels, wash cloths etc. We just have to overlook the fact that the furniture had to have come from the Bates is just that old (and ugly!) but it is what he needs. And the sofa is actually very comfortable! The tv doesn't work because no one can get local channels like we used to be able to without a box. Doesn't that suck? Who's bright idea was that anyway? But he doesn't need a tv. He only needs what he has.

It is located right off of the Tennessee River which will make it a fun place to live if and when the weather ever gets warmer (which I am beginning to think will NEVER happen). He will be able to fish, throw rocks, meditate or whatever makes his skirt fly up for that day (he doesn't really wear skirts, at least in public).

He has met a lot of new people at his new job. From what he says they sound like some good ones. All ages too. I am hoping one of the older ladies takes a shine to him and 'mothers' him. I always did that when I worked in insurance. They always appreciated it too. He has had several compliments from the patrons about his upbeat attitude and just what a good job he was doing. Some of then even want to speak to the manager and tell him what they think.

I could see the pride in his face when he was telling me all about how he performs his job. He tries to be himself and treat the guests (as he calls them) like he would want to be treated. He can't stand it if a guest's drink goes dry. The manager and some other servers have told him that he doesn't have to go at 150% all of the time and he tells them that is how he rolls. When he is into something, into that zone, he is that way. This will serve him well with this job. As long as he can keep his head straight and sober I think he will be there for a long time.

I feel that he is getting what he needs. He enjoys doing a good job and since he is being paid quite well (tips) and being complimented for doing his job he is getting the reassurance that he is doing what he needs to do. It is showing in his pride of the job and just overall in his attitude. He has not had any pity parties with me at all. Of course he knows I won't stand for them. He is accepting that he is the one that messed up and got himself to this point. His landlord is an 80 something year old lady he met when he was living at the homeless shelter. She goes to the shelter to get people to work odd jobs for her. He was remembering how he met her last night while we were talking and he kind of got a solemn look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he said "oh nothing, just that I can't believe I ever lived there. But it was my fault, my fault and if I had not been there I would have never met Mrs. Potterbaum. I will never live there again, I'll make sure of that."

When I pulled out of the driveway to go home I had a smile on my face. I was feeling the pride of a mother who just might be seeing her son in a good place. If I'm not mistaken that smile stayed on my face all the way to Kansas. In fact, it has been on my face the entire time I have been typing this. I like it that way.


Lou said...

A wonderful post! I love his funny face (you know what I mean). And he did it himself..that's the kind of change that lasts. Bless you and your family, TB.

Karen said...

It's so great to read how well Ryan is doing. It does my heart good:)

fernvalley01 said...

Such good news

Jan Blawat said...

Great! My son is also working in food service right now. He loves the interaction with the public and really works hard at being reliable and doing the best job he can. Some "kids" nowdays think they need to start out in management. I have faith that the ones who give their best at whatever they're doing will always succeed.

The experiences Ryan has had so far in his young life are invaluable, so many folks take everything for granted.


Leann said...

It always makes my heart smile when I see my children making good choices and reflecting on the past in a learning perspective.

I hope yours continues to do well.

Syd said...

I am really glad for Ryan. It sounds as if he is moving forward in a great way.

bethany said...

im so glad to see that my brother is doing better. it always take s time to come back up but im positive that he will do so this time.

hulagirlatheart said...

Good for him. I had been wondering how he was doing. It's nice to start the day with good news from a blogging bud.

Carroll Farm said...

I am so glad to read something so positive in your life. I know that you have struggled with him, hopefully that time has passed. It sounds like he is really liking his job, and that will surely help a ton.