Monday, September 29, 2008

Something Strange

Since I woke up Saturday morning there has been something strange going on with my nose. Yes my nose. As most of you know I was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma back in June of this year. What I have now is different but still in the nose, and I mean inside and/or behind the nose. All I know is it hurts like crazy. It feels like a zit or some type of growth behind my nose and the swelling derived from this problem has manifested itself on my face and is very painful. I called my dermatologist's office but cannot get into him until October 8th which does not help me now at all. I think I just might get to my regular MD's office the first thing in the morning and see what they can do.

The pain is almost unbearable. It is like I have been punched in the face 3-4 times, not that I know what that feels like. The closest I knew to that was punching another girl in the nose when she approached me in a fit of uncontrolled craziness. She was trying to pull me into her car to take me off into the country and do Lord knows what to me. Thankfully a neighbor intervened and all was well, but that is another story in itself.

Anyway, it hurts a lot. I will call the doctor in the morning or better yet just go by there and wait to be seen. It hurts that bad. I will let you know what is going on with it.

**Update--I woke up feeling much better this morning so I am going to see how it goes today before I call the doctor**

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chicken Soup

Joe hasn't been feeling very well lately. He has an odd pain in his head. The doctor seems to think it is caused by his diabetes and it very well might be. He has been taking medicines for it but it isn't easing the pain. I thought perhaps a bit of homemade chicken soup was in order.
He is taking a nap now but later on we will dig into this yummy item. It's funny, I never liked soup until this past year. It is so easy to keep a couple of cans at work for an easy lunch that now I love it!

Awwwwww my babies that I miss SO much!

Amy finally sent some new pictures of our newest bundles of joy in the family. I really shouldn't say finally since after all, she has almost 5 month old twins, a husband, a house to keep and a demanding full time job as a bank executive. Whew! I am worn out just thinking of keeping up with all of that. But she manages but not without the help of her husband and my sparkling, witty son-in-law Jeremy. Isn't he just a doll? He's a good daddy too.

Silly Silly Mare

Steph decided to go for a ride yesterday afternoon. I went out to help her tack up Dakota.


I love the way they rest that back hoof.....and turn around and stuff.


She likes using my saddle better than her own. That way the stirrups are even.


It's important that the stirrups are even.


Not a very attractive picture of Steph but look how high she has to put her leg just in order to get on this giant of a horse!


There is a better picture. She is a natural at riding. That makes me smile.

She and Dakota took off and then the silliness started.

What's going on? Where is my stud muffin going?










Mom, he left me again. I hate when he does that.


I'm nickering to him but he doesn't answer. Jones, that is because he is going to the neighbor's house to see some other mares.



That just makes me want to.....want to......well, it just puts a bad taste in my mouth.


But, I do still love my stud muffin. I'll just wait here until he gets back.....the big ole cheat.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Rain Bonnet

Once upon a time, when I was a teenager, I used to hang out a lot with my brother, aka So. It was really neat cause even if I was in trouble with my parents I could still go places with my favorite person on Earth, my So.

One time in particular myself, my friend Laura and So decided to go out for the evening. The skies were looking a bit threatening but that didn't bother us. We stopped at the local drug store for something, I don't remember what I bought but I do remember as I was walking toward the store So calling out "buy me a rain bonnet!" So I did. One of those old lady ones that fold and stuff.

We decided we wanted to go to the local drive-in to see a movie. We didn't care that as soon as we got there it started raining. So wore his rain bonnet while we all three sat in the car with it on (used an entire tank of gas) having a good ole time with the wipers on the entire time watching the movie. I can't imagine how pissed off the workers must have been because we were literally the only people there and they had to show the entire movie just for us.

I have some pictures of us inside the car having fun he he, but I don't have a scanner so I can't post them. I would love to post the one with So wearing the rain bonnet. Believe me it is priceless.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sophie does it too!

Just to be fair to Miss Sophie, she watches over Abby too.


But she has an ulterior motive. She loves to lick the bathmat. She loves to lick the edge of the bathtub. She basically is a licking drinking machine. But she does love Abby just like the rest of the family.

She likes to play ball with Abby. That is if she can have the ball. She is a bit of a hog that way.


See, look at her chasing my precious trying to get the ball.


"I'm gonna get that blasted ball if it is the last thing I do!"


"Heck. I guess I will have to settle for this old soccer ball dagnabit."


"Hey, where's the ball girl?"


Just kidding. She was really just wanting to play.


She is quite the sweet one. And I love her.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Girls at Play

As usual my girls are going strong. This weekend was no exception.


Lord have mercy, here they come!











Geez Annie......give me a break OK?




OK, if you insist Mom.

Water Fight!

Abby and I had fun with some water guns this weekend. She and Joe started out playing and it quickly escalated to Abby saying "here Grandmother, you get one too!" I was quite happy to accommodate my precious.


How the hell does this thing work?


Ok, I got it now, look out Abby!!!!!!!!!



Let me tell you folks, I creamed that kid! Joe didn't take enough pictures of her, he was snapping away at me. I guess that's ok. Even though I hate having my picture taken.


No doubt Abby was scheming ways to get me here.

Meanwhile we had a retarded person sitting at the table with Abby's helmet on, like that was going to do any good.


Hey! Wake up you ole fart!


Who me?

Sophie was not going to be left out. I swear this dog will drink water from anything!



Someone thinks she can sneak up on her grandmother. I don't think so!



What fun it was. I felt like a kid again. My Abby does that to me. But yall already knew that huh?