Monday, September 8, 2008

More than Skies

So I was taking some pictures of the pretty sunset the other night


When all of a sudden I heard something. I finally found it through the lens of my camera.


It was one of those military helicopters. Obviously from Ft. Campbell. They fly by here from time to time. A couple of years ago we had Blackhawk helicopters on a semi regular basis in our skies. They always came at night. I wonder how many of those brave souls are over on the other side of the world fighting for, well fighting for what they are fighting for. I don't want to get political here.

I got one last picture as the helicopter was really high in the sky. If you look over the flag you might see a small speck. That is it.


I wonder if the fact that we don't see as many night maneuvers means there is less training going on? Fort Campbell, for those who might now know, is known for having soldiers ready in a minute's notice to go where ever they are needed.


My son thought seriously about joining the service out of high school. He decided he was too young at 17 to make that decision. At the time I agreed, but now I wonder. He is so lost in the world perhaps the military would have been the best option. But that is then and this is now. All I can do is pray for all of our military no matter where they are. And to also pray for my son.


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Betty and I are originally from Nashville, Tennessee so we're very familiar with the good folks at Fort Campbell.

As for your son, it's hard to say. The military can definitely be a growing experience for a lot of young men. However, in my four years in the Navy I saw several kids get into the same kind of trouble they would have outside of the military.



Scott W said...

An addict finds substance no matter where they are. Ryan will find his way only through his journey, wherever that takes him. Sometimes the only thing we can do is pray.

I might venture to say there are less maneuvers from Ft Campbell because they are all in Iraq.

Pony Girl said...

Nice pictures, TB. I really think those helicopters are cool. They are so big. I often see fighter jets doing manuevers around here and I always get goosebumps when I see them fly over. God Bless America, hey?

Pam said...

I live with that song too "that was then-this is now".

Jen said...

I love the photo of the plane in the distance with the flag...great photo. We served our country for 4 years....I have the up most respect for our military.

Jenn said...

Great pics,a friend of mine flies those. Going in the Army was the best thing for my hubby when he was young. 10 years and 15 months in a war later and he is a great man !