Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cousins, they are great!

My niece and her daughter came by Saturday to see the girls. McKenzie and Abby are the best of friends as well as being 1st cousins. They had a good time together as you will see.


McKenzie, when Grandmother takes another pictures let's smile and act all innocent and stuff ok?


Huh? Oh! Ok!


We're not doing anything Aunt Katie.......she says as she grins again.


There you are, you are both smiling.


My granddaughter is NOT a ham. You just put that thought right out of your head.





Abby, you are silly.


No I'm not McKenzie, Grandmother says I am a ham. Ham I am said 'bout some green eggs and ham?



Hi Grandmother!




Aren't they both just precious? I am so glad that they spend time together and have developed a great bond. We haven't been able to marry off any of the boys in the family yet so the girls are the only ones coming through for us in the way of grandkids. Come one boys! Let's get some females pregnant! Oh wait, did I just say that outloud. Whew, I'm glad noone could hear me!


Karen said...

The girls sure look like cousins! They definitely favor one another, and they are both as cute as can be. Loved seeing more pictures of the babies:)

I'm all into paint colors these days . . . I really like the color in your living room. Mocha? Chocolate? Something like that. It looks so nice with the white trim and doors. I'm bummed that the trim in this house is all stained wood. We changed over the last house we lived in and don't have the energy to do it again, so I guess I'll have to find colors that go with it.

Jen said...

They look as if they are having a ball. Lollipops are so big in our house too..

Yes I went to LOHS and graduated in 92...she looks so familiar.

Scott W said...

Jen I graduated in '72!

Zanejabbers said...

Be careful what you ask for! LOL!
Such cute little angels. The angel of happiness just really took a big ole dollop of it and dropped it in your life.

Lou said...

Your photography is excellent, TB. But then with those subjects,how can you go wrong.

Carroll Farm said...

Love them girls - how pretty. :) Are you putting bars on the windows yet? My hubby has already started LOL!

TraceyBaby said...

How adorable are they! ~T~