Friday, September 26, 2008

Sophie does it too!

Just to be fair to Miss Sophie, she watches over Abby too.


But she has an ulterior motive. She loves to lick the bathmat. She loves to lick the edge of the bathtub. She basically is a licking drinking machine. But she does love Abby just like the rest of the family.

She likes to play ball with Abby. That is if she can have the ball. She is a bit of a hog that way.


See, look at her chasing my precious trying to get the ball.


"I'm gonna get that blasted ball if it is the last thing I do!"


"Heck. I guess I will have to settle for this old soccer ball dagnabit."


"Hey, where's the ball girl?"


Just kidding. She was really just wanting to play.


She is quite the sweet one. And I love her.


Lou said...

Why do you guys wear those plastic shower caps?

I haven't seen those since my grannies time.

Karen said...

I love seeing Abby in the little shower cap;)

Lisa, I have fallen in love with your dogs. They are so sweet and not all what I expected boxers to be. So gentle and fun! I get a kick out of the all the pictures you post.

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen! Boxers are the BEST dogs! Sweet, gentle, loving, kind, protective. Best dogs ever, hands down!

I miss my boxer, Rawky Dog, so very very much.

Trailboss said...

I have to agree, boxers are the BEST breed of large dogs. Sophie and Annie make the 4th and 5th I have had in my lifetime and I honestly don't ever see me being without one again. They are the clowns of the dog breeds. The 3 I had before had their ears cut, you know, where they are straight up but I like the natural look. Joe didn't want dogs in the house before we got Annie. Now we just about fight to see who will sleep with her. I would recommend this breed to anyone that wants a big dog. They do need space to run though or they won't be happy. They are puppies until the day they pass away, honestly. They love to play and horse (pardon the pun) around.

If I have helped anyone get one of these sweeties through this blog I am a happy camper!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

What's there not to love about pictures of a great dog and a cute granddaughter.


Mary Christine said...

Cute Abbie. Love the bathtub and the shower cap (I am a big fan of shower caps)

Scott W said...

Those ulterior motives will get ya every time.

I am still awaiting the rain bonnet story you promised!