Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Water Fight!

Abby and I had fun with some water guns this weekend. She and Joe started out playing and it quickly escalated to Abby saying "here Grandmother, you get one too!" I was quite happy to accommodate my precious.


How the hell does this thing work?


Ok, I got it now, look out Abby!!!!!!!!!



Let me tell you folks, I creamed that kid! Joe didn't take enough pictures of her, he was snapping away at me. I guess that's ok. Even though I hate having my picture taken.


No doubt Abby was scheming ways to get me here.

Meanwhile we had a retarded person sitting at the table with Abby's helmet on, like that was going to do any good.


Hey! Wake up you ole fart!


Who me?

Sophie was not going to be left out. I swear this dog will drink water from anything!



Someone thinks she can sneak up on her grandmother. I don't think so!



What fun it was. I felt like a kid again. My Abby does that to me. But yall already knew that huh?


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so cute. I love both of your faces. Especially the last one!

Lou said...

I think Joe wanted to get splashed.

Karen said...

Very cute pictures of all of you! You look like a natural with that pistol. Have you done this before?

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha!!!! What fun water guns are!!! That's great!

Scott W said...

I love seeing photos of my So!

melissa said...

What wonderful pictures! Abby will be a mom someday telling her children about the time she had a water fight. I know because I had one with my great grandmother on her 80th birthday! She was so special to me we named one of our kids after her.

Syd said...

Nothing like a good water pistol fight. You look happy. And it's great to have that kid spirit still in you.

Trailboss said...

I was very happy syd. She brings out the kid in me everytime.

AlkySeltzer said...

Isn't it a great gift from God, to have these 'family' fun times?

Some of us have had to try and do some make-up time in this regard. And there are usually grandkids to do that with.

Amy said...

Too funny - I'm coming to your house to play! Get the water guns and the bologna and cheese ready!! LOL

Will you watch sponge bob with me? LOL

Trailboss said...

Indeed Amy, come on over for bologna, cheese, spongebob and of course squirtguns!