Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We could if we just paid attention

That is, we could listen to the animals and learn what type of weather might be headed our way.


If we just took a few minutes to study them we might be able to avoid tragedies. They act differently. My horses most always get in this corner of the pasture. It is the lowest part which must make them feel less vulnerable to Mother Nature.


My pup, Sophie, was also acting strange. She was visibly scared and would not leave a human, any humans side during the storm. Unlike the evening before when she and her sister were frolicking in the living room being silly.


Uh, Sophie? Where did your head go?



I remember reading about the animals in Thailand before the tsunami hit last year. They all sought out higher grounds. They survived the disaster by using what God gave them, the ability to listen to their own feelings. More of us humans could learn a lesson from that.

I find that quite interesting. How about you?


Syd said...

Yes, it is interesting. My dogs can sense when a storm is coming. One of the girls will go to her crate and hide in the back hours before a storm is visible.

coffeypot said...

First they are frolicking, then Sophie shoves her head up his ass and then totally disappears. How'd they do that?

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Our son and daughter-in-law live in middle Ohio (Utica) and they have had a ton of wind, but no rain until today. Their electricity is out and will probably be out for a week, but they have a generator so they're OK.

Great pictures.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to think about, huh? The world of the animal is reduced to their basic needs and they are more attuned to the subtle changes of nature.

Pam said...

Hi darlin'.

Scott W said...

Bunny, I don't think, can tell those things.

Anonymous said...

A couple who live north of us had a tornado destroy there house a few years ago. They were upstairs watching the weather on the TV and didn't plan on going to the basement. Their little dog started pulling on their pant legs to get them downstairs. They finally went down and when the husband stepped off the last step the roof was blown off by the tornado.

Trailboss said...

So, Bunny is 'special'. He has his own problems, the little darlin.

The Wades said...

i didn't know that about the animals and the tsunami. that is very interesting!

Lou said...

I actually think I can talk to the animals. Usually I tell them to get the hell away from me.

Andrea said...

I too remember hearing about the animals in Thailand. They do know what is coming. Animals are very intune with nature.

Ginnie said...

Wow, what a strange concept...to listen before acting!! Seems I've heard something like that in the program!