Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hey Mom?


I have a question.


What Jones?


Does this make me?




Awww shucks!

What is it Jones? What is bothering you?

IMG_4954 it!


Does my butt look big?

Well, actually you have put on a few pounds this summer. Perhaps you need to do more of this


Or I need to do more of this


You just want me to look more like Bill.

bbq 002_edited

No dear, that is not true. I need to exercise you more. Perhaps this weekend we can go for a nice long ride. What do you think?


Well ok. I guess it'll be ok.


Syd said...

What beautiful horses--Are they all quarter horses? Great photos.

Trailboss said...

No Syd, Jones is a Morgan and Dakota is an Appendix (half quarter and half throughbred).

Anonymous said...

Ah. Shes not fat! Don't you wish we could "talk" to them sometimes?

Jen said...

Your horses are beautiful. Lucky girl.

Bill said...

I'm just dropping in for a glass of sweet tea.

Trailboss said...

lol Bill. I have sweet tea as a matter of fact!

Scott W said...

I wish Kansas wasn't so far away.

Pony Girl said...

Hee Hee, cute commentary. Who is Bill? The handsome neighbhor horse?I hope you make it out on that ride this weekend! :)

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

The only thing different with my horses is their reply to going for a trail ride..."noooooooooo, I wanna stay and sleep and eat. Please don't make me go."

Once they're out they're fine.


Trailboss said...

PG, Bill was my first horse after waiting 30 yrs.

The Wades said...

You're too cute!

Heidi said...

Your field does look like it's full of delicious grass! That is my horse's dream! Our Washington pasture has typical rocky soil for the area and doesn't grow anything that nice! Glad you all made it through the storm okay :-)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. Makes me miss my horses. I love it when they roll on their backs to scratch themselves. Those fat bellies sticking up. lol

pat said...