Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bring in a better year............PLEASE!

I am so anxious to say goodbye to 2011 and start a brand new year. A year that will bring my grandson into the world. A year of drama free days. The best year of my life. That is my goal.

Sometimes I wish that life came with a big fat eraser so I could just erase the BS that was 2011 away. But life doesn't work like that.

I am excited to be done forever with people that have caused me and my daughter nothing but grief. Oh yes, a new start and a new year.

If yall plan on going out tonight please be careful. Use your head and don't do anything stupid. It's just not worth it.

I am going to have lunch with my sober son today. I look forward to some one on one time with him.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2012 is the best year of your lives!

Friday, December 30, 2011

I contine to be amazed

As I stated in my last post my 'former' family just keep the shit coming. Yeppers I am done with the lot of them. I will always love the grandkids and hope and pray for the best. I do REFUSE to deal with a certain person who is convinced that her dad did nothing. I guess some people are just blind to the facts. But it is what it is and I am letting it all go.

My life is better than it has been in a long time. No more dealing with lies and bullshit. I put up with it for way too long. What a relief it is to know that I am free from the life I had. I can honestly say that I never thought things would turn out like they have. But life goes on and I am proud to say that I am over it all.

I own my house, I have a precious grand baby coming and life is good. I love my son and daughter and anyone else that has negative things to say can just get over it.

Oh yes I am so done!

I am finally cutting all ties wit my 'former' family. Too much drama and too much BS that I refuse to deal with. I want a peaceful life and I am determined to have it. I have blocked everyone that continues to crawl in my business and I won't deal w/it anymore. Anyone that reads this will know who I am referring to. I don't need it and I WILL NOT let the negative in my life.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Even though I have been so very busy at work things are good. I am no longer bothered by my X husband (thank God) I continue to miss my grand kids. I realize that nothing will ever be even near the same it doesn't take away the love I have for them. Sometimes life just takes a big ole dump on your life and all you can do is take it a day at a time.

I look so forward to being able to hold my precious grandson in my arms next Spring! I am going to try and NOT spoil him but I won't make any promises!

I continue to look for the best in my life and not dwell on the negative. It does no good to dwell anyway. All that does is bring me down. Goodness knows I don't need that.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Awwwwwwww.....another day off

We had a wonderful Christmas. I am so thankful for what I have been blessed with. All I wanted for Christmas was time with my loved ones. I do continue to miss my granddaughters and am always hopeful that some day I will be able to be in their lives again. I turn it over to God for that is all I can do about it.

My son has his apartment looking great! He is very proud of it and he should be. It is decorated well and I swear you could eat off of the floor because he keeps it spotless.

I have another short work week (3 days!) and then another 4 day weekend. Awwwwwwwwww. Time off of work is divine.

As I sit here my sweet girls are asleep on my bed. Sophie's leg isn't getting better but it doesn't seem to be getting worse. We continue to give her meds and hope for the best. They both also had a wonderful Christmas. Lots of new pretties to play with and some good ole chewable teeth cleaning bones. Their stockings were full of them.

I really should take advantage of the sale items today. I need to get a new bed for the guestroom. But I am taking this day for me! After a very busy weekend I am going to rest all day.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I sure did!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Twas a good day

I finally got all of my Christmas shopping done today. Steph is busy wrapping them and getting them under the tree. I went ahead and let her pick out some of the things she wanted. After all, my taste and hers are miles apart.

Tomorrow my sober son will be here and Christmas will be wonderful. Tough year or not I look forward to the future and don't dwell on the past. We will have a delicious meal of ham, baked beans, green bean casserole and plenty of other goodies. I did get a cheese ball along with a box of Sociables which my son always devours.

It will be a huge change from the past 17 Christmas days since so much has changed since March 3rd when I kicked my husband to the curb. But it will be ok. I do wish him and his family (which includes my precious granddaughters and my step daughters) well and I wish them all a Merry Christmas. I decided a long time ago to let it be.

I predict that 2012 will be a wonderful year for my family. I will have my grandson here and I couldn't be happier about that. Life is good and I plan on making it a good year. After all, only I can do that. Positive attitude and prayer will get me through anything.

Merry Christmas everyone. May you find the peace and serenity that makes you happy.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is it really almost Christmas?

I dare say that it is! I have some serious shopping to do. I have a good idea what I am buying I just need to do it. Me thinks I'm going to be very busy this week. At least the tree is up and beautiful.

My son is thriving in his new apartment and his new job. I visited him today and I was very impressed. He has it looking very nice and homey. He is such a good person and is well on his way to a new and sober life. I don't think I could be more proud of him.

My daughter is 21 weeks pregnant with my precious grandbaby. She is also doing very well. I have so much to be thankful for. I continue to miss my grandkids so much but it is what it is. I can't control their mother's decisions to keep me out of their lives. All I can do is continue to pray for them and their families. I will never stop loving them no matter what. I miss my Abby so much. I was just getting to know my sweetness Leah when all of this happened this year.

I love my new house. I don't even miss the old one. Too many memories there. I am making new memories as a single woman. Occasionally I hear from the gentleman who has my last horse Jones. She is doing very well. I am happy that I was able to find her a good home where she has made new horsey friends. She had been so lonely since I sold Dakota. Horses are herd animals and do so much better with other equines around.

My sweet dogs give me so much love and happiness. Sophie isn't doing any better with her arthritis. I dread the decision I will have to make soon. I can't make it during the holidays. That is probably selfish of me but I just can't do it. We just keep spoiling her and I spend a lot of one on one time with her.

I have wanted to post more often but after working on a computer all day and such a busy life I haven't seemed to find the time. I'm going to work on that. I can't remember the last time I posted a new picture. My blog used to be mostly pictures and I miss that.

So for now I will say Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's a boy!

Steph had her ultrasound yesterday. We waiting and waited for the little one to wake up and show his/her stuff and it finally paid off. IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!! Cameron Scott is his name. Middle name after her uncle. We all squealed with joy when we saw his stuff. It was something that I will never forget.

I cried happy tears half of the way home and then you couldn't get that smile off of my face. Still can't! Like Steph said, no one will be able to take him away from me. This is glorious news in a year that has had its challenges. What a wonderful way to end the year.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Tomorrow my daughter just might be able to find out if she is having a boy or a girl. How exciting! Hopefully the little one will cooperate and show his/her stuff so we can know. I never did want to know the sex of my babies before they were born. I could have found out with my daughter but I choose to not know. I knew in my mind what they were. Mother's intuition I guess, that or just good luck.

My son is now in his own apt and is doing well. He is gainfully employed and looking for another part time job in order to build up some money. So far he is really enjoying it. His room at home no longer has a bed or his things in it but it was time for him to be on his own.

Steph and I are doing well. She made a from scratch chocolate cake the other night that is to die for. I'm not much of a sweet eater but good gosh this cake is good. I'll be glad when it's all gone so I won't be tempted anymore! She has been cooking up a storm lately and doing a good job if I do say so myself.

Pattykins is doing well but Sophie is not. She has really bad arthritis in her back leg up into her hip and spine. We continue to give her the medicine to help with it but it isn't doing much good. I am going to have a really really hard decision to make soon. I told Steph that there is no way I can make that decision during the holidays. It is just too sad. Sophie still wants to play and has started the funniest way of talking and howling. She loves her pretties (toys) and of course we continue to spoil her and her sister rotten. I dread the day as I know it is coming sooner than later but that is part of being a responsible pet owner. She will let me know when it is time just like my Annie did. Until then I am going to get every loving minute with her that I can.

This past year has been a hard one for me and my family as well as a lot of other people I know. I don't know what's going but there seems to be trouble and heartache everywhere people turn. I am thankful to have found the strength to get through it and continue to put one foot in front of the other and do what I can. The rest, well, I just can't do anything about it. I miss my grandchildren so much but have come to accept that they will not be a part of my life anymore. It is sad for them (and me of course) but I have to respect their mothers decisions. I would never dream of disrespecting them like that. Before long I will have my own grandbaby that no one will ever be able to take from me. That in itself has gotten me through this rough time.

I have an electrician scheduled to come to the house next week and update all of the electrical system. He is going to change it from 100amp to 200amp with breakers, not the fuses that I have now. It is a huge safety concern for me and even though it will cost a fortune to have completed it is worth it. After all, safety does come first!

UGH, I have not done ANY Christmas shopping yet. I do know what I am going to get it is just a matter of getting to the stores to get them. The tree is up and the living room is filled with stockings on every wall. Naturally the dogs have stockings too. Treats and pretties for them. Meanwhile yall be good and keep the holiday cheer. Smile when you see a complete stranger. I try to do that all of the time and I get so many smiles back. I just think it makes the world a happier place.