Sunday, March 30, 2008

Marvin Zindler

Marvin Zindler was one of the first memories I have of moving to Houston. That and the ride home from the airport with So and Face. I DO remember that! Anyway, when I first saw him on Eyewitness News my mouth literally fell open. I thought it was a joke but I soon learned that people took him very seriously. I must admit, that was a little frightening. I thought of him today, for some odd reason and googled his name and found out that he had passed away. He was an ugly guy, I mean just look! but he did help a lot of people during his time on Earth.

So, RIP Marvin, and I hope you don't find any roaches up there! If you do I think you had better leave them alone!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Silly Mare

There she goes...........





I know he's around somewhere!

Jones6 I hear him?


OK, I'm starting to get dizzy!


Mom, where did Dakota go?


Oh, just forget it!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Girls at it again

It starts...................

It continues.....................

What was that??? We must bark, growl and investigate.

Never mind was just a herd of deer crossing the front yard.


Can someone say "too many bumper stickers?"

Bumper stickers2
I hate bumper stickers. I hate anything that sticks onto a vehicle. I even hate my little Kwik Lube sticker that tells me when I need to have the oil changed in my car.
But this, this is just way too many. I was behind this vehicle while driving along the Ohio River earlier in the week. It was an old couple and I assume they just love to paste their vehicle with every place they have visited. Is that in order to make everyone else jealous? Is it a bragging thing? Apparently they love their country and that is a good thing.
I love living in a free country!

P.S. Sorry this is a bit blurry but I was fumbling around in an attempt to catch the tacky vehicle before it got away from me.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This Man

Do you see this man? Can you tell how handsome he is? Every wrinkle in his face is well deserved. He has worked hard, I mean hard all of his life. Every gray hair is earned and certainly well deserved.

This man, that held a precious puppy last summer, gave me the scare of my LIFE today. He called me at work to say that the dr did an EKG on him and determined that he needed a heart cath done a.s.a.p. Needless to say I left work immediately to be by his side. Prayers were sent up the entire way to the hospital from my Camry. Well, you know what I mean.

When he came back to the room after the heart cath was completed you could have knocked me over with a feather when I was told he has absolutely no blockage at all. He is a smoker, is overweight, does not exercise regularly (who does besides DAAve?) but yet he was clear. Yes he was the one in a million that had the procedure and is fine.

This man is husband. He put me through Hell today, just kidding because he didn't mean to, but he is fine. I will definitely send up a special "thank you" to the man upstairs tonight.

Curtis & Mays

Curtis & Mays
See the window on the corner of the building? It has a white sign in it indicating custom framing now, but way way back in the 60's a picture of So and So and our brother Mike hung there. The boys were wearing appropriate little boy suits and I was sporting a red velvet lacy dress that my Mam-Maw made. In the picture I am cutting my eyes over to my brother Mike. I remember why too. The photographer had some type of stuffed animal, a monkey I think, in order to get our juvenile attention and I looked over at Mike to see if he was smiling. He was and just then the photographer took the picture. Let me tell you I HATED that picture. All of the adults LOVED it. They loved it so much that the damned thing hung in that very window for a year!

I wonder if So has a picture of that. I will have to look myself. I don't even know what happened to the big one that haunted me as a small child. Maybe someone burnt it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

There it is! I told you there was a Texaco sign.........

I went through downtown today on my lunch hour and took a few pictures. The town I work in really has some beautiful places to see.

Don't fear little lady

Dakota at school 001

Don't fear little lady Amy, I've got my eye out for you!

Amy & Jeremy

Don't you just love this picture? It is my oldest daughter Amy and her husband Jeremy just after they married in Key West, Florida. Amy always wanted to be married on the beach and kiss at sunset and Jeremy made it happen.

She is doing well now after a bit of a scare with premature labor. They are keeping her a couple of more days in the hospital to monitor her. That is a good thing. She is carrying precious cargo, that's for sure.

Today is her birthday. I sure wish Joe and I could be there with her but it's a bit far. Joe will go after the babies are born along with our other daughter, Beth.

Happy Birthday Amy!! Hang in there girl!

Monday, March 24, 2008


How can you not love this face? Even though he is a bully in the pasture with my mare and any other equine that is put in there, even though he runs like there is no tomorrow (that is the Thoroughbred in him) he is such a sweetie. He always wants to be petted and loved on. He gets jealous if I try to pet my mare and chases her away by biting at her. Even though he gets pissed when I give Jones treats (he gets them too) I still love this gentle giant. He makes my daughter very happy too.


Don't you just love this guy?

I have fond memories of Popeye and all the really cool cartoons that came on when I was growing up. I never liked Brutus though. I remember thinking he was mean. Wimpy on the other hand, well he was just neat. So calm, so smooth, always so hungry for a cheeseburger that he would gladly pay you back on Tuesday if you bought it for him today. Let's fact it, ya gotta love Wimpy.




Yes, the Man of Steel is nearby, just across the Ohio River from me. If I were ever a damsel in distress I am sure he would come to my rescue. Wait a minute, I was in distress yesterday and he didn't come to save the day.

Apparently Metropolis, Illinois is the only town in the USA with that name thus it is a big deal there. Between Superman and the gambling boat there isn't much else to see in Metropolis unless you want to buy a Kubota tractor. They have a pretty good dealer there. I wish I could buy one for my husband. We live a simple life and he would love to have one for our little neck of the woods.

I have a picture somewhere of me between this guy's legs and no I am not going to post it and I am not going to tell you what I am doing in the picture.

Another Calgon Day

What a day I had yesterday. Emotions are running high in the household. We have the 16 yr old teenager daughter trying her best to achieve her goal in life, to drive me and my husband crazy, but not succeeding (close though).

My oldest step-daughter, Amy, has been admitted to the hospital for possible premature labor. She is pregnant with twin girls and is only a little over 7 months pregnant. She has been having trouble anyway so it wasn't entirely unexpected, just hard because she is so far away from us.

My son's girlfriend, Ann, was in a very bad car accident yesterday morning. Apparently she fell asleep at the wheel and hit a culvert and was ejected from the vehicle. She is going to be OK but has broken her back in 2 places and has numerous cuts and bruises. I will go see her after work today and give her and Ryan our support.

Not to mention the fact that the Texaco sign is still missing. I need to bring my camera to town and take a picture. That will satisfy my brother...........just kidding. He knows the sign is there because I said so.

All in all the above items are in God's hands. I just pray for His will and it will be fine. I just feel so helpless sometimes.

This too shall pass.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I love this place. It has one of the last original Texaco signs in the United States. A friend of mine used to rent the little building to sell her wares but now it has become a tourist information site. That is good since our downtown aka Lowertown has a lot of new residents from all over the country now. There are art galleries and restored old homes that make for an absolutely beautiful neighborhood once again.

The River it's a'rising

This is a stage area where bands play and speakers speak. Today it is only a perch for the gulls.

If the river stage gets to 43' the flood gates will be put up. That always lends a bit of concern to everyone along the river. I work very close to the river but it is doubtful that my office will be effected. After all, we do have the flood wall and another levee on into town.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Waiting with Bated Breath

This is my beloved Annie. She is waiting by the gate leading to the front pasture hoping and praying only like a dog can pray that the horses will start running so she will have a purpose in life.

She runs and runs with them, sticks her entire head in the fence just nipping away at them and they love it. They run and buck and the whole thing is just priceless to watch.

I never knew that dogs and horses could have so much fun together.

Buck a Roo!!

Buck a Roo!!
Originally uploaded by anniebettyjobunny
Can you see this silly mare bucking and farting along? She is trying to find her love, Dakota, and is just having a fit!

Apparently she won't rest until he comes home. Alas, the life of an equine.

Abby and Carrots

Originally uploaded by anniebettyjobunny
Did you know that horses love carrots? Here is the love of my life, Abby, attempting to give my mare, Jones, a carrot. My horses will do just about anything for a carrot. They live a simple life.

Abby and Grandmother

Originally uploaded by anniebettyjobunny
Here we are trying to put the Easter puzzle together. Actually Abby has just sat down and is looking at the pieces. I am apparently the only one that is even trying to solve it. But that doesn't matter. As long as she is with me all is well in the world.

This lasted less than 5 minutes, then she was outside with her new $1 bubbles. She loved them more than anything the Easter Bunny brought her.

Live is Good.


Originally uploaded by sippiambrose
Look at my girls. They are the most precious dogs in the world, well to me anyway. Here they are laying back to back like the do most every day. They bring our family such joy every day.

This morning they both came into my room and woke me up playing and jousting with each other. And it made my day.

To quote my blogger friend, if I could bottle that love and pour it into the world's water everyone will stop fighting with each other and just love.

Miss Abby

Originally uploaded by anniebettyjobunny
This is when she first saw her Easter basket. Now how did that little bunny rabbit know a little 3 yr old would be here today? Isn't the world of a toddler amazing?

What a wonderful day!

It seems the Easter Bunny made an delivery to our house today, one day early. That prompted me to drive to town and pick up my precious Abby. Her daddy doesn't let her celebrate Easter in the Easter Bunny way so both grandparents always do something for her.

When she got here she couldn't believe the basket brimming with toys, books, candy & puzzles. She and I sat at the table to solve one of the small puzzles. She watched while I started in, ready and determined to complete a puzzle made for a toddler. She helped for about 3 minutes, then was off to explore other things, mainly blowing bubbles outside.

Steph took her horse for a ride and my mare was going crazy trying to find him. She nickered, ran, snorted, farted and made quite a ruckus. I have a digital camera but no zoom lens so my pictures didn't turn out as well as they could have. In any event Abby enjoyed seeing her run and nicker away. So did my husband and myself.

For some reason I am having trouble getting the photos to post so I will work on that and try later. Apparently I have a lot to learn about this blogging stuff.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One of my favorite blogs

I wanted to share a blog site that I just adore. She calls herself Pioneer Woman. She lives in Oklahoma on a working cattle ranch and she is just adorable. Very funny too. My brother thinks I have a secret crush on her but he couldn't be more wrong.

She also has some fantastic recipes on a separate food blog that you can access from this link. Her name is Ree and she can be found at . Go and check her out and see what you think! She gives away fabulous prizes for naming photos from time to time. When I say fabulous I mean they are really good. For instance a $500 gift card from or Yes, good stuff.

Dropping the kids at the pool

At least that is what my son-in-law calls it. It has many names, number 2, poop, shit, crap, So and I call it "sit" because that is what Mother used to say when one of us 3 kids had gas. She would say "Lisa go sit!!!" or whoever the guilty one was. Anyway I had a thought this morning. I know you are dying to know what that thought was. Maybe not. Maybe I'll just tell you tomorrow and let your wild imaginations go crazy. But I won't because it is something I must say. I must share my thought with you. Are you ready yet? Ok, beat a dead horse Lisa.

Why do we have to look at it? Are we proud? Do we want to study the shape of it, or perhaps the length. Maybe it is because we are amazed that it actually came out of us. Do we think we might just have to reach in and mold it, ok now that is just gross. Sorry guys. I had a moment. That reminds me of the video on Daave's blog the other day. That was a funny one.

The human body is amazing in itself of course. But the fact that something that smells that bad, looks that gross comes out is just, well just nasty. But we all do it, animals do it, birds do it, that reminds me of a song. My other son-in-law has a name for the one that is being stubborn. He calls it a prairie dog. How funny is that? Peeking his head up.

Now that I have made everyone's day I think I'll scoot out of here and actually get some work done. Just think of me the next time you, well never mind.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Floods and rainy days

We have received much more rain lately that we deserve. Surely there is somewhere in the world that needs some of our rain. It needs to go there, not here. There are parts of the area that are starting to flood and that is not a good item. No siree it's not.

I am fortunate (well not really fortunate, I made sure I didn't move to a flood area) to not live in a flood area. We have a large pond but it is far enough from the house to never cause a problem. It would also have to go up a hill to get to our basement house therefore I don't see it being a problem. Well, I guess I have established that huh? Anyway, the city of Paducah where I work has a flood wall. It was built after a flood in the 30's that took the city by surprise. You see our downtown area is right next to the Ohio River. Literally, if you were to continue going on Broadway and not stop you would end up in the river.
Some years back the city decided the flood wall needed something so they hired a painter to paint murals on each section. They are really something to see.
So the next time you happen to be anywhere near Paducah, Kentucky stop in and see the downtown area. It is quite charming.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So and So

I have referred to my brother so far in this post as Scott. That of course is his name. But the time has come for me to stop that and start calling him what I have called him for years.

At some time long ago somehow somewhere one of us came up with the nickname of So. He is So and I am So. A lot of you know this but just for any new readers that happen along and wonder what is the world I am talking about when I refer to So as a noun can know what's up.

It could have been us putting our dad's name and middle initial together, Steven Oscar, it could have been something one of us dreamed up and decided it was to be that way. Who knows, we certainly don't. Anyway from now on when you see me refer to So you know that it is my most favorite person on the Earth, my beloved brother. Isn't he handsome!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

How I really look

Ok, we've had our fun Scott, now for the truth. This is what I really look like. Oh yes it is, there is no way I would fib about anything like that. Indeed this is me. In fact it was taken this weekend. Yes it was. There is no way that was in my younger days. No way at all.

Lovely, just Lovely

My brother was complaining that I have not posted a full picture of me so here goes!

Now that takes some nerve if you ask me! I think of it like this, if you can't
laugh at yourself then you have a problem.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Abby turns 3!!!

Abby's Party - Copy
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My precious grand baby turned 3 years old last Monday. Her mom and dad threw her a party at Chuck E Cheese and boy did she have fun. In fact we all did! There she is sitting next to my husband Joe. She has the biggest smile on her face doesn't she?

Abby is so very special to me. I know I have already said that before. She got grand gifts and was a tired little girl when she got home. She told her daddy "Daddy put me to bed and turn on my tv." That's my baby.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Organ Donation

I learned last night that my x-husband, Kevin has been given 2 years to live. My son, Ryan called me to tell me. I knew that he suffered from Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion back in the 70's when he had knee surgery. Apparently he has reached the point where nothing short of a transplant will improve his health. Kevin and I have been friends for many many years after our divorce and of course share my beloved son Ryan. He is a good man. He is a man that loves God. He has worked hard all of his life building a business that has just in the past few months taken off. He is getting his name out in the community but I don't know how much longer he can do the physical work that his awning business requires. Needless to say it is upsetting to myself, my son and everyone that knows him.

I have been doing some research on organ transplant lists this morning. I have educated myself a bit but will continue to do more.

I am writing this post mainly to get prayers for him but also do put the word out about how important organ donation is, at least in my opinion. There are thousands and thousands of people, adults and children alike, that wait for the all important phone call that their liver, lung, heart, cornea or which ever organ they need.

I am also educating myself about live donation. I wish I could do it myself but I don't qualify for a partial live donation. My son however might. We both have O-blood type which I found in my research the live donor can have and be matched to what ever blood type the recipient has.

When Ryan got his drivers license one of the first things he did was sign it to be an organ donor. He believes strongly in it as do I. I am a donor too. I know that my son would not hesitate to help his dad and share his liver with him. Knowing Ryan he has already thought of that. He is a very loving and caring person.

I found that in the state of Kentucky there presently are 163 people waiting for a liver. Kevin's number is in the 400's in the nationwide list.

If you will please remember Kevin in your prayers. Also remember Ryan too. They need lots and lots of prayers.

Friday, March 14, 2008

O Kaaaaay

I have never been a fan of hers and continue to not be a fan of hers. But this my dear friends I just had to share. I remember emailing this to Scott and he emailed back and said that he literally couldn't stop laughing. So for those of you who haven't seen it sit back and study it, that is if you can keep the tears out of your eyes from laughing so hard.

It's not right, just not right at all (but funny).

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baloon Man Post

I really must apologize for my post yesterday. It was gross. It was sick. He looks like you could take a straight pin, poke him and he would fly all over the place. Even though I felt the need to post it I wonder just how many people do that to themselves. It has to be a sickness, kind of like an eating disorder.

But I am sorry if I really and truly grossed you out. I should have warned you to have a trash can handy just in case.

Calgon take me away

Today is Friday right? Oh crap, I just looked at the calendar................gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Today has been a stressful day for me on the job. That actually is unusual for me, at least for this job. It usually moves at a slow but steady pace, I get my work completed and usually have plenty of time for the most important goof off time. But today, nooooooooooooooooooooo. Gremlins have invaded my work area I tell ya.
Time is slowing down. I will never get out of here. Sometimes I wonder. Not
really. Only a little over an hour to go. I will go to my favorite place to be, my home.
That makes me smile.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Am I weird?

I decided to come clean today. I have some weird quirks and I just have to tell you about them. For years now I have been counting my steps. When I go from point A to point B I count. If there are cracks or changes in what I am walking on I always want the steps to come out to an odd number. 9 or 11 are the best numbers to have. 21 is ok too. Heaven forbid if I were to come across something like this picture. More than likely I would just not walk on it because I hate to step on cracks unless of course it ends in an odd number.

I hate even numbers. I despise them. I have been known to take baby steps to avoid ending on an even number. I know how many steps it takes to get to the toilet when I get out of bed in the middle of the night. This comes in really handy since I never turn the light on at those times.

I have no idea where I came up with the need to count my steps, nor when it started. I do know that my boss does the same thing. When I first started my employment he and I were chatting and some how or another the subject came up. Needless to say we were both very relieved to find another human on this earth that counts steps. He said his mother used to put something in the path for him to trip on when he came in late as a teenager. She stood at the bedroom door and snickered at him.
What weird things do you do, if any?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Can anyone say steroid abuse?

Ok, I have taken steroids before. On occasion my doctor will prescribe it for a cold or whatnot. I take my little white pills until there are no more left. But THIS...................what is the word to use?

He looks like an action figure don't you think? Like you could dress and undress his little thong. Perhaps a leopard print, or a nice little hot pink number.

How does he sleep? Can you imagine what he looks like sitting down? Now that's a vision, and not a good vision.

It's not right. It's just not right.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dakota and Jones

Dakota and Jones
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See the pups in the corner? They are wanting to run with the horses. It looks like Jones is up for it but Dakota isn't. I think my daughter has some video of them running. I will post it someday. It's really funny to watch.