Sunday, March 16, 2008

Abby turns 3!!!

Abby's Party - Copy
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My precious grand baby turned 3 years old last Monday. Her mom and dad threw her a party at Chuck E Cheese and boy did she have fun. In fact we all did! There she is sitting next to my husband Joe. She has the biggest smile on her face doesn't she?

Abby is so very special to me. I know I have already said that before. She got grand gifts and was a tired little girl when she got home. She told her daddy "Daddy put me to bed and turn on my tv." That's my baby.


Scott W said...

That picture is not cute enough and you always have your mouth covered!

Bill said...

She does have a big old smile on her face. Scott's right, though. Did one of them horsies kick your teef out, and you ain't telling us?
I think off-site children's parties are a canny way to go.

dirtydishes said...

She looks like she is saying cheeeeeeese. How adorable, you are blessed. Prayers for your son and his Dad also.

Trailboss said...

She was saying cheese, she always does when she knows her photo is being taken. Such a ham.