Monday, March 3, 2008

Days of the Week

Since I was a little girl the days of the week have had a certain place and a certain color in my mind. The week goes in a circle, from Sunday to Saturday, always. It also starts going down with Monday and manages to come back up by Saturday. There is no changing this at all. They all have colors in my mind as well. Sunday is white, Monday is green, Tuesday is red/orange, Wednesday is green, Thursday is grey, Friday is black and Saturday is red. Whenever I jot down an appointment on the calendar I picture the color of that day plus where it fits in my "circle of days that make a week."

They also have temperatures. Sunday is cold, Monday is mild, Tuesday is hot, Wednesday is mild, Thursday is hot, Friday is less than mild and Saturday is hot. I reckon I put the temps with the colors based on the color itself, I don't know.

What kind of odd things do you associate/picture the days of the week? Or am I the only person who does this?


Scott W said...

What? Colors and temperatures?

Bill said...

There are probably meds that could help with that.

dAAve said...

You and Scott need to remain a safe distance from other humans.