Sunday, March 9, 2008

Concerts and other things fun

During my single days living in Houston my brother, Scott and roommate Garry and I did a lot of things really fun. One was going to concerts. I don't remember a lot about them because of that dreaded weed that kept appearing before me but I do remember having lots and lots of fun.

We saw DEVO at the Texas Opry House. I wore a dress that a friend, Carole, made. She took brown plastic-like material and made a basic dress, no shoulder straps and also made it quite short. It was dubbed the tootsie roll dress. I hated the dress but everyone else loved it so I gave in. I thought I looked like I was wearing a trash bag.

Another time we saw the B52's at the Music Hall. They opened for the Talking Heads. Once again that wild weed got in my way and has hampered my memory. I do remember seeing them though.

So tells me that we left early because they wouldn't let us dance in the aisles, in fact didn't see much of the Talking Heads. We went back home and danced there. You can't keep a good dance down.


Zane-nawwaa said...

TOO TOO TOOTSIE GOODBYE. I wonder if Scott ever san this to you. I would love to have seen this. Have a great day.

Bill said...

I saw Devo in 79 or 80, and it was a great show. Scott and I have compared music, and we listened to a lot of the same bands.
I'll bet you were a cute Tootsie-Roll. They last a long time, you know.

Scott W said...

Oh, Bill, you always say that!