Thursday, March 27, 2008


Can someone say "too many bumper stickers?"

Bumper stickers2
I hate bumper stickers. I hate anything that sticks onto a vehicle. I even hate my little Kwik Lube sticker that tells me when I need to have the oil changed in my car.
But this, this is just way too many. I was behind this vehicle while driving along the Ohio River earlier in the week. It was an old couple and I assume they just love to paste their vehicle with every place they have visited. Is that in order to make everyone else jealous? Is it a bragging thing? Apparently they love their country and that is a good thing.
I love living in a free country!

P.S. Sorry this is a bit blurry but I was fumbling around in an attempt to catch the tacky vehicle before it got away from me.


Scott W said...

Randall used to have several bumper stickers in an attempt to display his disdain for many topics, but he has removed most of them. I think it sort if is the indication of people that are a bit crazy. I have one on my car, it reads:

Bush's Last Day.

Bill said...

I love bumper stickers; I just hate them on cars. Especially when people put them on non-bumper places. That's the visual equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard.
I saw a van in Roanoke VA one time that was completely covered with bumper stickers. Who knows what color it was underneath?
Favorite recent BS:
Don't believe everything you think

dAAve said...

on a Lincoln, no less!

Janet said...

Oh how I agree with you, but I really detest those inside the window 'baby on board' type warnings. Do I care? Do you really need to advertise your reproductive ability? Worse still the version that says 'Princess on board' - perhaps Lady Di should have thought about that one maybe? ;o)