Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Steph & School

My 16 year old daughter took something to school today. No, it's not show and tell. That would be a little strange since she is a sophomore in high school, although what she took would be a very interesting show and tell item indeed. You have to understand the kind of school she goes to first. Her school is where all the kids go from all around our county which is the largest in the state. There are around 1500 students enrolled. Since we live out in the sticks (as most people do in my county) there are a lot of rednecks and country folk. She is taking an Equine & small animals class and apparently the teacher thought it would be a great idea. She took her horse to school. Yes, you read it right, her beloved Dakota. The 16h thoroughbred/quarter horse gelding.

She and her classmates will tack and untack him. That means they will bridle him, put on the saddle pad, saddle and breast collar. I can only imagine how large her head will be today. You know how it is when you get around something you don't normally see up close and in person, most people would want to pet and or talk about a horse being at school. But you see, that is not unusual for her school. People have brought cows, chickens, pigs, ducks to school. They learn by hands on experience which I think is pretty neat.

I just hope she doesn't jump on him and take off with her arm straight up shouting "whoo hooo" like she does at home. That would be down right embarrassing! Nothing at all that I would have done. he he

P.S. I just talked with Stephanie and they never could get Dakota to load in the 2 horse trailer. He is bad about that. The man that was helping her said he would just ride him to school, which is ridiculous because he would have to ride him about 12 miles. Needless to say he didn't do that, a friend of the family saw him riding. He was pulling a stock trailer so he loaded Dakota on that one and took him to school.


Scott W said...

Guess that is one smark horse!

Bill said...

I'm glad Dakota made it to school.
There were times my mom probably could have used a neighbor with a horse trailer to get my ass to school.
Does this mean Dakota had to get dressed and undressed all day long? He might deserve an extra apple or lump of sugar tonight.

Trailboss said...

Well, yes, since you put it that way Bill. To think of him being in public NAKED! Oh my..........

buckaroojohn said...

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