Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flowers.....Pretty Flowers......

I heard through the grapevine that my precious and wonderful Ohio grandkids love flowers. Well....what does this Trailboss do in a situation like that? She takes pictures of the flowers surrounding her house that she would love these sweet babes to pick for her.


They are oh so pretty


The grass growing between them drives Joe crazy but let's face it. It is next to impossible to keep all of the grass out of the flowers.




Do you see just how many flowers could be picked and delivered to their Gramma?



Oh look...a butterfly!






Every spring Joe plants these flowers from seed directly into the land and every year they are incredibility beautiful.


The next two are my whiskey barrels where I always plant annuals. This year it turned out quite nice but as usual, when the 99 degree weather sets in it changes a lot



So here is the challenge. I challenge my grandkids to convince their Mommy and Daddy to get their kahunas to Kentucky! And don't forget to bring who we really want to see. That would be Mia, Aubie & Emmeline!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Here is the video!

Father's Day 2010

Oh my...what a grand day it was. I have been keeping a secret from Joe for weeks now. It has been killing me to wait until Father's day to give him a very special present.

Several weeks ago I came up with a pretty cool idea I must say. We all know how much our Annie is missed. For anyone who doesn't follow this blog Annie was mine and Joe's heart dog. She died from cancer Sept 5th, 2009 just 1 month shy of her 8th birthday. And it just about killed us to have to let her go. My wonderful brother, So, is an artist. He has been quite successful in the past few years with his art. In fact is is the most successful artist I have ever known. Hee hee. Anyway, I asked him if he thought he could paint a painting of Annie. He said he thought he could. I went through my 13,000+ flicker pictures and came up with a few suggestions for him to use. I'm not sure which one he ended up using but let me tell you something. My Annie was guiding his hand the entire time he was painting her. It is her....her eyes, her soul....all there on canvas.

So shipped it to me the first part of June. I have been keeping it under my desk at work. I wanted to hang it up on the wall but as sure as I did Joe would come unexpectedly to my office and spoil the big surprise. Annie and I had several conversations while she was patiently waiting under my desk. At last the day came to take her home.

Friday during my lunch period I wrapped the painting. I put it in a big box along w/2 rolls of toilet paper and a roll of paper towels from work. I had tissue paper in it also. I took it home that afternoon and was actually able to get it in the house when Joe wasn't there! Saturday Joe decided to go into town for a few errands so I seized the opportunity. I got 2 binders that Steph didn't use for school and put them in the big box. Then I got a walmart bag with several reams of loose leaf paper and put that in it, along with a fake snake I had bought a long time ago and forgotten about. I wrapped the entire box and put a big bow on the top. Steph and I made out our Father's Day cards and had it all sitting on the table when he got home.

When he opened it yesterday it was absolutely priceless. I have it all on video and Steph is uploading it to YouTube. I can't wait for you guys to see it. Joe is so silly and you can tell from the video just how silly he is. When he pulled the painting out of the packaging he smiled and immediately kissed Annie and said "Annie, I miss you baby."

The only thing we need to do now is find out the best place to hang it. Joe wants us to all be able to enjoy it. I think that is a right fine idea.

I will post a picture of it as soon as I can figure out why my computer doesn't want to download my pictures like it normally does.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is in the air?

I don't know about you folks but my week has been horrible. From things at work to things at home.........I am about to lose my mind! I love my job. Love it a lot. But there are some things going on that have been a bit challenging lately. It seems to be spilling over to my home life as well. I know everything will work out, it is just hard. I haven't posted in almost a week. I just don't have the energy. When I get home from work I change my clothes, grab a cold drink and the girls and I go up to see my sweet horse. I find such peace with animals. No one to bother me. Nothing to think about except nature and animals. I don't think it gets much better than that. Anyway, it works for me.

On the good side of things it looks like we might be able to see our Ohio grandbabies next month. They are planning on coming to town the weekend of the 4th and I can't wait. I have already asked for the Friday before the holiday off which means a 4 day weekend. Oh my.....4 days off and my precious grandkids here? Dare I say life gets any better? I hope everything works out like planned. I think we all need it.

Joe is feeling better. He has found out that since he has had chronic shingles for so long he has a knot of nerves in his kidney area that has caused huge pain for him. He is going to have the nerve blocked (it is the only treatment to relieve the pain) but the dr he is supposed to see is one of those that takes forever to get into. The good news is that at dinner tonight he knocked on wood then told Steph and I that he was on day 2 of being pain free. I immediately knocked on wood again! That wood is the dining room table. The same one I ate on as a kid.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Water Water Everywhere!

We have discovered something about Miss Pattykins. It is quite comical also. In fact, the other day Joe was cleaning off his John Deere after mowing the grass & it got my attention.




She kind of has a thing for water.


More please



Please ignore chicken legs over to the right







I really do need to have another Bible lesson with Patty. Thou Shalt Not Pray to the Water Gods.




Hi Mom! Did you see me? Did you see me?


Yes my dear Pattykins. I have been taking your picture for a few minutes now.

Ok, just wanted to make sure....BYE!



Are you watching Mommy?





That one is my new wallpaper at work


Mommy, Daddy is being mean to me

Deal with it you big baby



It's like she is trying to bite the water as though it is a critter or something!






She finally had enough and was ready to play. We laughed so hard at her antics. Have I said lately how much I love my dogs? I kinda like chicken legs too.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Awwwwwww.....what a difference animals make

Yesterday when I left work my head and neck was aching all of the way home. I didn't even listen to any music or the radio at all the entire 20 miles. I did stop and get myself an ice cream Popsicle. Yummy. When I got home I spend a few minutes chatting with Joe then changed my clothes and hollered "Girls, wanna go see horses?"

We did. Jones nickered at me like she does every day when she sees me coming up the hill. I love the sound of a horse nickering. There is something so soft and gentle about it. Soothing. Nice. The girls played and ran around while I fetched Jones her grain. Then I did like I have been doing for most days lately and sat on my bench inside the dry lot relaxing. As I breathed in the smell of my sweet Jones & the fresh smells of spring, I could feel my stress leaving my body. It was wonderful. So calming and natural. There was a little yellow finch about 3' from where I was sitting pecking at the ground. The little fellow must have been a bit hurt because he was so close and didn't seem to be able to fly very well. I tossed him some of her grain but he didn't want it. He was enjoying whatever he was getting out of the dirt. It was so nice to sit there with these 2 beings close to me. Jones who compared tot he bird is huge and the little finch that was so beautiful. The most brilliant color of yellow and black.

I stayed there about a half hour and then took the girls back inside. By then my headache and neck ache were completely gone. I could be with my family without biting someones head off. I ended up having a very nice evening. We had grilled hot dogs and mac & cheese. Simple meal but good. I watched a little tv then went to bed fairly early. This morning I feel like a new person. I like when things work themselves out like that. That is with the help of animals. I never want to be without them.

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's about time!

I don't know about you folks but I have not been able to log into blogger all day until now. I guess it happens.......well obviously it does!

There is so much stress going on right now. I don't know what else to do or how much more patient I can be with my daughter. Since she can't get a job yet (no permit/license) I have asked her to work around the house cleaning etc. OMG, I am such an awful parent. How dare I ask her to lift a finger. I am just blowing off steam right now.

I have such a stress headache I can't wait to get home and spend time with my Jones. I have tried to spend a while with her after work lately. It really helps to get away from everyone. Just me and my horse. And the girls of course. You should see them, especially Patty, when I say "Girls, wanna go see horses?" Patty literally jumps into the air 3 feet. Starts talking and having a FIT to get out of the door. Not to be outdone, Sophie holds her own too. They run up the hill and start playing with each other. Sometimes they get confused and run up the wrong hill but they are sure to correct themselves when they see my walking the other way. It really does allow me time to unwind from the day. I am trying to take advantage of it as much as I can before the days get way too hot to spend much time with her. The heat and I don't get along. Except in the winter time. Then it is wonderful!

It is just about time to get out of here. Work that is. I love my job, I'm just ready to go home.

Why does being a parent have to be so hard?????????????????????

Friday, June 4, 2010


Ok folks. Why is it when we have a 4 day work week it seems like a 6 day work week? Come on, you know I'm not alone. Am I? Of course not. It has seemed like this week will never end, but it is close to being wrapped up since today is FRIDAY!

Joe has been not been feeling well for a couple of weeks. Yall might remember a while back he was in the hospital for a double whammy shingles plus kidney infection. The same area that hurt so badly then is acting up again. Our Dr Turnbo thinks that he has permanent nerve damage due to chronic shingles, many of which that area was effected. That might very well be the case but he is hurting so badly that he went back to the doctor this week. He is having a couple of scans done today. The dr is looking for a variety of things. The tests will start at 9:30am and the last one is at 1pm. He has to drink bunches of water in order to get the dye into all the nooks and crevasses for the 2nd scan to work correctly. He is hoping to be able to get Bill home during that time. Thankfully, my brother in law is ready to go home today. He is ready too! We won't find out any results from Joe's tests until Wednesday of next week but at least something is being done to see what the heck is going on.

Stephanie is doing much better. She is starting to move on and will be ok. She was talking yesterday about considering joining the Navy. She has talked about this before to me and Joe. I told her it was a HUGE decision but if she wanted to know more we would see to it that she go to a recruiting office and see what all is involved.

I have some drama going on with my son that I really don't want to deal with but it must be done. He has to be confronted with what he has done and he has to pay for it. Silly me......to think the drama was going to be over once Steph graduated.

At least it is Friday........after all, it could be Monday of next week and goodness knows I don't want that. Not yet anyway!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's tough to let go

My precious daughter's heart is heavy. Her boyfriend of 2 1/2 years broke up with her just before school was out this year. She was able to pick herself up and graduate. She had fun at Project Graduation and is proud that she has graduated high school. Glad that part is behind her.

She has been doing a pretty good job of dealing with the loss of what she thought was to be her future husband. Her entire world has had the bottom ripped right out from under her feet. Where she goes from here is up to her. But she has the rest of her life to live. She posted on her Facebook site last night that she is ready to live life to the fullest. I hope she is.

I can't help being reminded of being her age and thinking I had my future figured out. I was after all, over my high school boyfriend and dating a new guy. We had a bright future ahead of us and of course we would get married. It's just what everyone did right? WRONG!! It didn't work out even though we dated over 2 years. After a small stint of living and working in Chicago he kicked me to the curb. He found someone else and was done with me. It was a horrible feeling. I didn't know what do do. I didn't know where to go. Unlike Stephanie I had already moved out of my mother's house and out of town. What ever was I to do? Thank goodness I was able to call my beloved brother So who had previously moved to Houston of the same year that I moved to Chicago. I can still remember that Friday. I went to the corner phone booth in downtown Chicago and put my coins in and called him to tell him what was going on. I was so upset. I was in so much pain. My world had been rocked. So calmly told me what I was going to do. Move to Houston with him.

That is what I did. On October 16, 1977 I arrived in Houston on an airplane after a small stay with Mom here in Kentucky. I never looked back on my decision. I was and am so grateful to have had So to lean on. We lived together for 3 yrs in Houston and they were some of the best years of my life. Literally. I was able to grow up so much, learn so much not only about myself but others. How to treat other people. How to pretty much be an adult.

Stephanie has the best Dad in the world. His genes might not be in hers but he is her Dad. She and Joe have such a great relationship. They have a closeness that is rare to see, at least in my experience. She can talk to him about anything. Literally anything. She is more comfortable talking to him that me. Which is ok by me. As long as she is able to talk to someone. She thinks I don't understand and that's ok. She can think that all she wants. I tend to be the Mother from Hell when someone messes with my kids' feelings. Joe seems to be able to keep his head on straight a little better than me. My fangs and nails come out and I am ready to rip someone apart in a heartbeat whereas Joe is able to sit and calmly listen and give good advise. It is a good relationship. It is a healthy relationship.

Growing up is so hard. The life lessons we learn along the way can hurt to the very core of our being but somehow we get through them and if we are lucky, we are stronger and better because of them. I pray every night for all of my family and loved ones. Steph has had a special place in my prayers the last few weeks. Her heart is pure and she deserves to be happy. I am a lucky woman to be able to witness such a beautiful soul learn to go on. To make it through what seems like the most horrible situation with her head held high. It will take a while for her to get all of the way there but I truly do think that she is well on her way.

I'm ready to put my fangs and nails up for a while.