Monday, June 7, 2010

It's about time!

I don't know about you folks but I have not been able to log into blogger all day until now. I guess it happens.......well obviously it does!

There is so much stress going on right now. I don't know what else to do or how much more patient I can be with my daughter. Since she can't get a job yet (no permit/license) I have asked her to work around the house cleaning etc. OMG, I am such an awful parent. How dare I ask her to lift a finger. I am just blowing off steam right now.

I have such a stress headache I can't wait to get home and spend time with my Jones. I have tried to spend a while with her after work lately. It really helps to get away from everyone. Just me and my horse. And the girls of course. You should see them, especially Patty, when I say "Girls, wanna go see horses?" Patty literally jumps into the air 3 feet. Starts talking and having a FIT to get out of the door. Not to be outdone, Sophie holds her own too. They run up the hill and start playing with each other. Sometimes they get confused and run up the wrong hill but they are sure to correct themselves when they see my walking the other way. It really does allow me time to unwind from the day. I am trying to take advantage of it as much as I can before the days get way too hot to spend much time with her. The heat and I don't get along. Except in the winter time. Then it is wonderful!

It is just about time to get out of here. Work that is. I love my job, I'm just ready to go home.

Why does being a parent have to be so hard?????????????????????


fernvalley01 said...

different generation I guess, I would suggest that when you were a kid/teen you did what you were asked (you may have resented it but you just did it) She seems like a great kid though so I think you have done a lovely job . Hope you get some time with your lovley horse!

Peruby said...

I hear ya! Mine is 19 (still not working) and I have to nag, nag, nag to get her to do anything around the house. I don't like to nag so usually I do it. I try reasoning with her, but that might get me an eye roll.

Syd said...

Hang in there. Hopefully, there will be some work for her. I am glad that I'm not a parent. It does seem like the world's toughest job.