Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween


This is how Steph looked when she came home from school Friday. A friend of hers used makeup to create quite a neat looking "mask"


I tried to get her to smile but she said she had so many pictures taken of her at school she was smiled out. I was just glad she didn't have a fit to have her picture taken at all. Being a typical teenager, she doesn't like it taken much.

I think we are planning on going to Beth's house tonight to see our 2 grandkids dressed up. Abby is going to be a boxer (not the dog!) and I don't know about Leah. I suspect she will just have on a little baby costume or something. But I want to see them and get some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here are the girls last night.






I could go on all day with pics of these two. They play, eat and sleep. But that is good. They are happy together. The house is smiling again.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This makes me happy....and hopeful

I finally heard from my son Ryan last night. It had been 7 weeks since I last spoke with him. At that time his father was in the hospital for alcohol DTs/seizures. It scared him to death because he witnessed the entire thing. He had called me for help and all I could do was tell him to call 911. Finally his grandparents called on the other line and came right over to take his father to the hospital.

He spent 3 days there and was very very sick. He has been an alcoholic as long as I have known him but never would get any help for it. Ryan told me last night that the dr said he should have died he was just that bad. His liver enzymes were 200+. Thank The Lord he didn't.

The good news is that Ryan and his dad have been sober ever since. Ryan has been staying with Kevin (his dad) and they have been helping each other. At the time Ryan called Kevin had just left for an AA meeting. I asked Ryan if he had been yet and he said no, that he had thought of it. I encouraged him yet again to go. He said he thought it was a good idea. I just left it at that. After all, it is his decision. As much as I would love to, I can't make him. No one can. I am hopeful that seeing what his father has been through will encourage him more and more. As usual I turn it over to God.

He did tell me that he plans on joining the Navy in the near future. I actually never thought I would say this but I think it would be good for him. He has always been the kind of kid (man) that took well to discipline and structured environment. He said he didn't know if he would be able to come back to Paducah. I understand this for many reasons. For the past 5 years there has been nothing here for him. Well, his mama and daddy are here but that is about it.

He told me that he has wanted to call me several times over the last few weeks but he knew that I was upset with him and he just couldn't bring himself to. I am glad he wanted until he had a bit of sobriety under his belt before he did. The last thing I wanted to hear from him was "I'm gonna quit, etc etc etc." It is time for action, not words.

He doesn't know how long his father has to live. He contracted Hepatitis C in 1976 due to a blood transfusion so his liver is in bad bad shape. Kevin is a good man. I hate to see him go through what he is going through. I know it is very hard on his family too. He is fortunate to still have his parents very much a part of his life. That is definitely something to be grateful for.

I am hopeful for my son for the first time in a long time. Time will tell but maybe, just maybe he's got it this time. I pray he has.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Love it!

I only have a second to post so I'll get the best pictures I took last night of my girls playing.





That's all I have time for now. My lunch is over and I have to go do another job while a fellow employee goes to work. Enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The weekend was fun!

I didn't take near as many pictures as I intended but I got a few. Abby didn't come over until Saturday afternoon. Beth thought the birthday party that she was going to was Saturday at noon but it was actually yesterday at noon. But we had fun anyway.


You know who....always the ham!



Of course the girls were outside playing too.


I don't know if you can see the ever so small stick that Patty found and is playing keep-a-way from Sophie.






I think by now the stick is gone. Dadgum this makes my heart happy!



I love you sissy


Beth came out Sunday morning for breakfast and to pick up my precious. She brought another precious with her.

Oh my.....



If I could just bottle this sweetness and give some to everyone in the world I think we would finally have world peace. Don't yall think so?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yes So, it did rain

I know when my brother posts something like that it is his "nice" way of telling me it's time for an updated post. Sometimes I just have to stop and make time. Yall know what I'm saying.

Joe has been snapping away with my camera this week. It's a good thing too because I am so worn out when I get home it is the last thing I feel like doing. Here are some new pics of Sophie and Patty.



That one was taken this morning. Sophie was lying down and Patty just walked over and flopped right down next to her. I can't tell you how special this is.


Look at her little paw between Sophie's back legs. Such sweetness.




Hi Mommy!


Hey Mom


You know what?


I have the bestest home in the whole wide world!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I think it's gonna rain today

In fact they are calling for 1 - 2" of rain. I have a dr's appt at 10:15 this morning so that is probably when it will start pouring. I am so looking forward to that item.

We are all having fun these days at home. You can't help but smile when you see a puppy looking up at you and wiggling and curling like Patty does. She and Sophie are getting along famously. Joe told me that Sophie is starting to clean her little ears just like Annie used to do hers. Patty is starting to clean the sweet little folds in Sophie's face, like Annie used to do. They are bonding very well.

Guess who's coming to Kansas this weekend? My precious! She needs a break from her momma and her sister so Joe is picking her up after his dr's appt. tomorrow and bringing her out to the country. We got a new swing set a few weeks ago so she will be able to test it out. If the rain holds off anyway. I am looking forward to some Abby time. She makes me so happy when I am around her. It's amazing sometimes. Amazing and wonderful. I am looking forward to it.

I have been really busy at work lately. We are making some changes and they are proving to be challenging. I love a good challenge. Trying to work things out in the best way for everyone and stuff. We have a long way to go but it has energized me here. I was kind of getting in a rut doing the same thing every day so I welcomed the challenge. I hope it lasts for a while.

Say folks, today is a good day to say something nice to a stranger. Whatcha think?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

hUmp DAy

Is it already Wednesday? The time is just flying by. Not enough hours in the day.....and all that jazz. I had to be at work early today so I was out of the bed way before the crack of dawn. This morning makes 2 straight nights of Miss Patty NOT peeing in her crate. She is doing so well. I absolutely love to get her out of her crate in the morning. I just don't think I have ever seen anything so happy! She wiggles and twists and grunts like nobodies business. She is so incredibly happy to see someone! She goes right out and does her business then follows us in the house.

This morning I was the first one up so I let the girls out. When they came back in Patty was hungry so I fed her. She was eating out of her bowl and kept looking back to see if I was there (I had sat down on the floor beside her). Every time I would barely touch her she got so excited she didn't know what to do. She would stop eating and just wiggle all over. Then she would start eating again. I touched her again and she wiggled even more looking at me with those precious puppy eyes.

I hated to leave this morning as I really wanted to spend the rest of the morning playng with them. Sophie is starting to play quite a bit with Patty. Sometimes she even runs away from Patty's sharp little puppy teeth. She will jump up on my bed where the pup can't get just to catch a break! It is truly entertaining.

I am so grateful for this little bundle of joy that has come into our lives. I see a sparkle back in Sophie's eyes that had been missing for a number of weeks. I also see a sparkle in our family's eyes and spirit that had been gone for a while.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Not sure what's going on

but I'm not really happy about my camera the past few days. The pictures just don't seem very good. I don't know what is going on w/it or it if is me, but I'm thinking of getting a new camera. Emphasis on thinking.....not buying.


It didn't take Patty long to realize there are plenty of bones and chewies in our house.



Hey Sis, wanna go play?






All in all, Sophie seems to be enjoying Patty. We weren't sure what her reaction would be after Kimba. But no worries.....she is doing great with her. She still has her insecure times. She still can't understand where Annie is, but I think that having Patty here will not only be good for us humans, but really good for Sophie. She has, Sophie that is, slept with me the past 2 nights. I am not sure if it is because Patty is here and/or because the temperatures have cooled quite a bit. Either way I am enjoying having it. Even if she did wake me up with her snoring last night.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Smiles are back

Meet Patty


Already we all have smiled more than we have in weeks. Joe and I drove to Hopkinsville today to get our new baby. She is a doll. Smart as a whip. I can't wait to post more about her.







Oh yeah, I think things are gonna be OK.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Look what I found

on Craigslist yesterday. Isn't she precious? She is 9 weeks old and her name is Tink. Short for Tinkerbell. Yes, their daughter named her and she is only 4 yrs old. This family has a 1 1/2 yr old male boxer and decided they wanted to get a puppy for their daughter. They have now found that they do not have enough time for this little pumpkin and are looking for a good home for her. Well, I think I know someone who would provide a good home.

I chatted with Carey (the daddy) last night and listened as he told me all of the above and how he just didn't know how he was going to tell his daughter. He felt he just needed to find her a home and she would be gone. At 4 yrs old that is probably the best way. Unless the 4 yr old is my precious and she would remember and continue to ask where HER puppy was.

Anyway, she is one of the pups we are considering adopting for Sophie (and for us). I will let yall know what happens next!