Thursday, October 15, 2009

720th post

I just noticed that this is my 720th post. That isn't a significant number or anything, it just seems like a lot! I am slowly getting back to daily posting. Stick with me yall, I'll get back to picture taking and posting before long. I hope.

My other brother contacted me via Facebook this week. He lives outside of Nashville, Tn, only about 2 1/2 hours from me. I have not seen him since Christmas of 1999. I haven't seen his daughter Devin, my niece, since then either. Isn't that strange? I talk/chat w/my brother So daily but rarely correspond with the other brother. Mike and I were never really close. So and I always stuck together and had a lot in common. Mike was the jock. The popular one. The one that folks would say "aren't you Mike's sister?" it was never the other way around.

It seems that Mike recently took a cruise with Devin and some friends of his. He has managed to keep a lot of friends from high school which I think is a very neat thing. I noticed one guy that I knew from the pictures of the cruise.

Mike always did things differently than So and I. It isn't that there was ever any sibling rivalry or auguring or anything like that, we were just interested in different things. He went his way and we went our way.

But that is how this world works isn't it? We are all unique and different people with different lives to live and different courses to take with our lives. I can't help wishing that So lived closer to me rather than Mike though. That way we could see each other more frequently. But it's ok, we feel as close as ever thanks to the internet and cellphones. Both of those items make the world see much smaller don't you think?


MichelleSG said...

I totally agree. Most of my (and the hubby's) friends live over 2000 miles away. The internet makes the distance not so bad.
I wish I had had siblings. I don't know if I'd have gotten on well with them but I would have at least liked a chance to have one. I think that's one of my main motivators to try and have another kid, so my daughter will have a sibling even though they will be so far apart in age.

Karen said...

You seem to have a good understanding of human nature. You're right, people are just who they are, even if they're from the same family. Some connect really tight and others tend to be more independent of the group. It's just the way people are, what makes us all interesting.

Syd said...

It's nice to get reconnected with family. Good for you.

Arlene said...

Oh what a great story!! Reminds me of just how nice family is even when we do not get to see them.

Scott W said...

We were lucky to not have any fault finding or fighting within our family. Well, as adults. I used to butt heads with Dad all the time.

I am glad you are my So.

Chef ·˙ ۛ ♥ said...

I've rekindled a lot of old friendships on Facebook. I'm hooked. You have to be my FB friend. Since I don't know your last name, search for me - Linda Maislin - and send me a friend request. Chef's there too!


P.S. I love Patty! She's so cute. So happy for you and Joe and for sweet Sophiegirl.