Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Love it!

I only have a second to post so I'll get the best pictures I took last night of my girls playing.





That's all I have time for now. My lunch is over and I have to go do another job while a fellow employee goes to work. Enjoy!


Amy said...

Looks like Patty is fitting into the family, quite nicely!

So glad she is working out and Sophie seems to be enjoying her company, as well!

Gin said...

Have I told you lately how happy I am for you? It looks like you couldn't have found a more perfect fit for your family! Simply beautiful!

fernvalley01 said...


Syd said...

Patty Cakes is a cutie pie.

Scott W said...

Looks like she has grown a lot already!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Nothing like a puppy to bring a little fun and excitement into a home.

Great pictures.


Carroll Farm said...

She always looks so happy there. You are a great momma to those pups. :)

Patty looks like she has grown a ton already!

Paint Girl said...

I think Sophie really likes her new toy!! So much fun to be had!

kberman said...

I love your blog and your devotion to your family. I can see the love in all the pictures. Thanks, Kathy