Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween


This is how Steph looked when she came home from school Friday. A friend of hers used makeup to create quite a neat looking "mask"


I tried to get her to smile but she said she had so many pictures taken of her at school she was smiled out. I was just glad she didn't have a fit to have her picture taken at all. Being a typical teenager, she doesn't like it taken much.

I think we are planning on going to Beth's house tonight to see our 2 grandkids dressed up. Abby is going to be a boxer (not the dog!) and I don't know about Leah. I suspect she will just have on a little baby costume or something. But I want to see them and get some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here are the girls last night.






I could go on all day with pics of these two. They play, eat and sleep. But that is good. They are happy together. The house is smiling again.


Callie said...

Lovely mask! My daughter won't let me take her photo. I agree. They do look very happy with each other and spread that happiness.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures of Steph. Cute pictures of the dogs.


Paint Girl said...

That is a pretty neat mask!!
I just can't get enough pretty pictures of those dogs!! Patty is so adorable in all her puppy cuteness!

Scott W said...

The house is smiling again...except for Steph! LOL!

Syd said...

Nice mask done on Steph.

Daniela said...

Oh my stars I have got to read blogs more often. Lady, you have benn BUSY!! First of all, those grandbabies are ADORABLE. I could just squeeze them. Could you pass me one of those little girls..we don't make those in our family..apparently.

Second, that new puppy is a cutie patootie. I know she keeps you on your toes. I wish I had just a small amount of that energy. I promise, I won't be gone so long from now on.


Jen said...

So happy.....smiling is good.