Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a wonderful day!

It seems the Easter Bunny made an delivery to our house today, one day early. That prompted me to drive to town and pick up my precious Abby. Her daddy doesn't let her celebrate Easter in the Easter Bunny way so both grandparents always do something for her.

When she got here she couldn't believe the basket brimming with toys, books, candy & puzzles. She and I sat at the table to solve one of the small puzzles. She watched while I started in, ready and determined to complete a puzzle made for a toddler. She helped for about 3 minutes, then was off to explore other things, mainly blowing bubbles outside.

Steph took her horse for a ride and my mare was going crazy trying to find him. She nickered, ran, snorted, farted and made quite a ruckus. I have a digital camera but no zoom lens so my pictures didn't turn out as well as they could have. In any event Abby enjoyed seeing her run and nicker away. So did my husband and myself.

For some reason I am having trouble getting the photos to post so I will work on that and try later. Apparently I have a lot to learn about this blogging stuff.


dAAve said...

Look how quick I got this comment online after you published.
Magic, eh?
No yoke.

Bill said...

Have fun spoiling Abby. That's what grandparenting is all about (or so I hear). If you give her lots of candy right before you take her home, maybe she'll nicker, snort, and fart for her daddy.