Saturday, March 22, 2008

Waiting with Bated Breath

This is my beloved Annie. She is waiting by the gate leading to the front pasture hoping and praying only like a dog can pray that the horses will start running so she will have a purpose in life.

She runs and runs with them, sticks her entire head in the fence just nipping away at them and they love it. They run and buck and the whole thing is just priceless to watch.

I never knew that dogs and horses could have so much fun together.


Scott W said...

I love it that you got bated correct! Dogs are such great entertainment, I wish I were that spontaneous.

dailypiglet said...

my oldest dog would LOVE a big farm with lots of land to chase horses, or anything else that needs chasing.

it pains me that we can't let her run more, b/c it's a beautiful sight to see.

is that dog a mastiff?

Bill said...

Don't forget to mention that the horse and the dog are farting all the while.