Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update Saturday -- Afternoon -- 3:45pm

I just spoke with Scott via cellphone. He weathered the storm fine but of course is still without power. He got about 3 hours of sleep. Bunny has been a very good boy which helps A LOT. It is amazing how animals sense things isn't it?

He spoke with Mary who lives in front of him. She said there were large limbs all over the place, a crepe myrtle bent over but no major damage. She said that road is like a river but no flooding which was good news.

Needless to say he is anxious to see his house and will as soon as he is able. Depending on the electric situation they might travel west to Waco. Being without electricity since 6pm Friday is getting old for sure.

He told me to let you all know that whatever you see on TV is about all that he knows. They are not planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

Looks like our prayers have been answered.......Thank You Lord. Prayers still being sent down south for everyone.

***Scott just called from the road. They are headed west as far as I could tell. He didn't want to talk much being in traffic. He went by his house and there was no structural damage......what a miracle. He is going to try to stay in a hotel tonight. I am sure he is ready for a shower, A/C and some serious sleeping***


J-Online said...

Thanks for the update. Our power is back on now as of about 30 minutes ago. I hope Scott gets lucky too. No Electricity sucks.

Trailboss said...

j, what part of houston are you located in?

Anonymous said...

thanks so, i've been worrying about him and dave, and all the other houstonians.

i'm very grateful, i almost cried when i read that scott is ok from relief.

thanks for updating here, it really means a lot to me and i'm sure everyone else that loves "all ya'll".


Mary Christine said...

Thanks for the update.

Bill said...

I knew you'd have the latest news!

MichelleSG said...

I knew Ike was not going to be as bad as they predicted but of course Mother Nature can be cranky and prove me wrong. Good to hear that the damage was mostly limited to no electricity and a lack of a/c. The extra convicts at my dh's prison are being sent back to their own prison starting this morning so that's a good indicator that things will being returning back to normal very soon. It could have been much worse, I'm glad most everyone was spared a potentially vicious storming!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great news.


J-Online said...

I am NW - 290 and Barker Cypress however friends that are a mile away are without power. It's the stangest thing. I have no idea how we lucked out. My house is full of tired, hot people. thankfully they are here now. I just spoke with my ex husband who lives in Katy and his power is on.