Thursday, September 4, 2008

The girls meet the equines

Beth and Amy took Aubriella and Mia up the hill to meet the horses. I was busy with dinner so I asked my daughter to take my camera and take pictures. She took some but not enough in my opinion. Next time I will be sure to do it myself! Just kidding Stephanie. I know you will read this at school. Now GET TO WORK!





I think Mia found Dakota to be quite large. Can you imagine how he must have looked through her 3 month old eyes?


I was glad they got to meet the horses. Dakota kept Jones at bay of course like his dominant self always does, the butthead. Someday they will be able to see this post on this blog and say "hey, I remember that!" ................. I know................. they won't remember a damned thing!

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Jen said...

Finally i have caught i have read the last 3 posts. i know you are enjoying everyone...the babies are so precious.